Not too eventful. We discussed again the Method to One's Madness theory, which I believe in and practice. There was little or no food, surprise, surprise.



A weekend of insomnia. Not without reason. I've started to read the Harry Potter books to see if they live up to the hype. I like the first one so far. I wish owls delivered my mail. I can't believe the word "asphodel" is in it. Mike and I made a trip to Urban Outfitters. I went to the Rockaway Mall. I think London is still in the lead, though. I bought a new tongue ring, but I have issues with getting the other one out. Everyone I ask says you just unscrew it, but easier said than done.



So The Toronto Experience was muy. Stopped at Niagara Falls on the way. Dani changed in the parking lot. There was much ado about Andrea's cream. We got all the way to Toronto with no problem, but then somehow missed the city and ended up in Mississuaga, which looked like the Teletubbies set, except with some buildings scattered about. Thank God for Esso Man!

Friday night we walked around downtown, around Queen and King. There were Moose on the Loose. We managed to get lost again. But we made some Canadian friends e.g. Teresa the bank teller and the woman on the subway who saw Mamma Mia! three times. Lindsay was determined not to go back to "Chili's", but it's always the same in the end.

On Saturday morning, Matthew and his friend Mary (whose last name I currently don't know how to spell) ambled on into town. Lindsay, Bob, and I went swimming, with Lindsay in a Superdance shirt and underwear. Then little kids came with goggles. We got out of the pool.

Matt and Mary attempted to get scalped tickets to the show, but let me tell you, those Canadians just love ABBA music. And rightly so, because the show was worth our little trip. The gang went shopping during the afternoon, and we met up after the show.

Seven Hours in the CN Tower: During this segment of the trip, we made friends and enemies with the help at the CN Tower, that big space needle in Toronto. We think they were tracking us ever since they saw through our plot to get in at a group rate (Lindsay was the leader of our church youth group. She may have even flashed the Rev's card.) But we needed 20 people, and we could only find three volunteers.

The first employee we met was the camera bitch, who denied knowing the price of the picture that she had assisted in taking! The next one was in the elevator, but I forget his name. I do know, however, that he was not "imperial". He told us the picture was 10 dollars. Matt, Mary, Dre, Anthony, and I took a break from all the elevating at the restaurant. Our waiter there had something up with his shirt according to everyone else at the table, but I didn't find out. CN TOWER SOUVENIR GLASSES (for free)! Then Matt, Mary, and I waited to go to the SkyPod. The SkyPod was operated by Karen, who was by far the coolest worker in the tower. She didn't really know the price of the picture b/c she was rather isolated up in that pod. But she did get all her numbers right, as we were able to verify on the wall at the top. Karen also let me on for free, even though I had paid for a ticket that I somehow switched with the Italian bird's along the way.

We ate at the bar that night, and went off in search of "C'est What?". Matt did his magic trick that I was never able to figure out, but Dana shot him down in a second. Speaking of Dana,

Dana gets embarrassed when:

a. Her friends talk really loud on the subway.
b. Her friends sing really loud 24/7.
c. Her friends spend time in the Condom Shack.
d. She is tickled.
e. She is proposed to in public.

Mary told penguin jokes that we were all too eager to try at home. Despite requests for Matt to tell the clown joke, I ruined it by telling the punch line.

Matt and I called Rosie, but we never got to see her:(

We left on Sunday. Lindsay won a beach blanket at Arby's. This was after she dropped the directions out the window. We tried to be serious about that, but I couldn't stop laughing. This was all after our buddies in Dana's car (those hooligans) got stopped at the border. Frank Sinatra took us home.



How did you get here? Nobody's supposed to be here!

Actually, nobody is here. I mean I'm not. I'm going to Toronto this weekend to see Mamma Mia!, a musical featuring the music of Abba. So leave me a message or something.