School Daze

Oh, we knew it would happen: now that I'm back at school, I haven't updated my fake journal since Chinese time (hi Cristine). I apologize to the scores of fans who check out my site.

So let's try and recap. Well, my classes are going well. I don't have an intense hatred to any of them. That's a good sign. Still, it's amazing the things you can do to procrastinate. Tonight I spent a good ten minutes trying to beat my record of sliding off my chair and hiding under my desk. I haven't timed it, but you also have to keep in mind the importance of technical accuracy.

And of course, there's Undressed and Iron Chef for distraction...

Penn Singers had a lovely New Member Party. I am annoyed at the finding-an-audition-song process, but what can ya do? Here we go again. By the way, never introduce the topic of "flying fuck" to these people. They just blow it out of proportion! But they're good people: if you like Jem and G&S, you're okay in my book.

I was in McDonald's the week I got here, and I saw one of the weirdest things down at the Gallery. There was this woman writing random words on a napkin, like "cat" and "hopscotch". When she was done, she picked up her list in one hand and compared it to a box of douche in the other hand. Maybe I will only find this funny, but it sounds like a story Jessmar or some other people might like.

Penn Celtic Society. We'll see what develops.

In other news, I saw Guster, Rent, and Waiting for Guffman again. And some of Magnolia. Now, we all agreed it was a horrible movie, but I'm becoming obsessed with the soundtrack. That's something to check out. I got to see Julianne Moore's movie-stealing "I sucked other men's cocks..." for a second time. It's the little things that make me happy:P

Other fun facts you should know about Penn: Rosie is obsessed with KY Jelly, and stay away from the "Ro Special".


Pals, Pregnancies, Pics

Viv and Candy stopped by last night! Raina has dreams in which she is always seventh months pregnant. I think this is funny. She never delivers the child, but she's always pregnant. My French class seems like it will be fun. It's a lit class focusing on the themes of love and eroticism. Woo hoo, that's right up my alley. Damn FPAN tonight! If you're bored, go to www.explodingdog.com. This guy draws pictures based on titles that people mail him.



Today I moved back to Penn. Our room is so cool! Literally, too, because we have air conditioning. It is so good to see everyone after the summer. Saw several members of the KC3 crew, ate at Beijing.