Home For The Holidays

Thanksgiving was really good. It was the first time in a while where I didn't feel like wanting to run away from the table after the first five minutes.

Saw Charlie's Angels. It was so cool! Lucy Liu, with my girl Drew, Cameron Di...

Got to see Cristine and Beth, whom I haven't talked to in the longest time. Another good thing.

As for the rest of the weekend, I wonder if it might be better if it hadn't existed. But as Bob points out you can't change the past. For better or for worse it's already over. You have to accept that to move on.

And in certain cases, one just has to be an asshole to help someone else reach a light switch. So I'm going to fade into the background for now.


Music and Lyrics

A few days will give you some perspective, and a whole lotta e-mail.

To all my friends at home and at Penn, thanks for being understanding of me and how I like to work things out by myself. You people are cool!

To that girl in the front row of the silent bripat cheering section (no doubt with a Weezer CD in the discman <-- yeah I'm that gay...haha I crack me up), thank you especially for understanding what I want right now. You'll be the first person I turn to for a corny joke.

To Dani and Bob, I think we've decided to spare your lives. FELICITO!!!

Then there's this other girl who might be mad at me right now. Thank you for doing what you had to do. We have this favorite musical together. Remember the line, "Could we start again, please?"

It's hard to find a quote of the day, because nothing can possibly accurately describe everything I'm feeling. A line in my head that reminds me of all of us right now is from U2, "We get to carry each other, carry each other..." I guess that one is the most appropriate, but maybe we all just need a little Abba.


Elephant In The Blog

Lindsay and Dani came down on Saturday, and Matt's friends Mary, Beth, and Pat Barnes were also in town. We met up with Candy, Viv, Samantha, and Kevin and saw WP at the band competition. We had a Weezerful weekend. Matt froze my pants. We had a little shebang at Penang. hahaha. Samantha explained her theory of how we've all become what we were in the Kindergarten Circus: apparently Kevin is such a ball bouncer these days, Lindsay is a clown, and Dani is the leader of the ponies. We made jello tubs, thanks to the recipe from Erin (a.k.a. Jello Queen). The Night of So Much Wrong ensued. There was controversy surrounding who was the drunkest person in the room, Mary or me. The world may never know!

Thanks everyone for visiting. It was muy.