Home Alone

If I thought about the future as much as I thought about sex, I'd probably have some serious career plans by now.

Three fucking fire drills in one day here in HRE. The first was at 5 in the morning. Not fun.

My roommates are all downtown for ILMUNC. Thus, I will have a rave.

Psych is awesome.

Bring it on, Constitutional Revision Committee!

I want to dye my hair.


Winter Break Review

Back in Philadelphia!! Winter Break was fairly uneventful, but it was fun. I finally saw Reality Bites all the way through. Dani, Bob, and Sue had Floydgasms nightly. We were all spotted at Sweet Dreams, being the artsy fartsy college folk we are. But, don't worry, I don't forget my diner roots, or Dunkin' Donuts (yeah Balderdash). It snowed a lot. That was cool. For Festivus, Sam stole the donkey from the nativity in Morris Plains. But she returned it with a ransom note, I think. The other big shampoo occurred on New Year's Eve in the luxurious Whippany HoJo on Rte. 10. Saw Kim, Mrs. David. Hours were wasted playing Snood, proving definitely that the government is up to something with this game. Let's do the time warp again. Currently looking for people who want to watch Ryan Phillippe for an hour and a half, i.e. Antitrust.