It IS Unusual

Okay, so someone has decided to drive me insane! Last night, a person called our room TWICE and played "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones over the phone but didn't reveal their identity. They've already called again once tonight. Now what is the deal here, people? I'm trying to guess who it is. We don't know who the person is calling for or the significance of the Tom Jones song. AARGH!!!!!!

Played the Ha Game. Rootbeer and Vanilla Schnappes = yum yum.

Meanwhile, I'm on a Radiohead kick.



So I bet when Dani, Sue, and Raina have been bored recently they've probably been annoyed because I haven't added a journal entry in a while. Let's see. What to talk about. Um, last night we played Battle of the Sexes Taboo. The boys lost:( The Mask & Wig show was cool. I sang "Buddy Holly" out my dorm room window when I was bored, and this guy said, "I want what you're drinking!" I think, in my and Mr. Y's experience, people have this association with singing and drunkenness, and it's kind of stupid because I sing all the time...

I still want to dye my hair. And I'm jealous because Mu went to a rave and I really want to go to one.

We tried out El Diner last night, and it wasn't as bad as people have made it out to be. I guess the restaurant got its act together. By the way, for anyone that might try to convince you otherwise, a potato is a vegetable.

So fortune has smiled on Sue, who managed to get a Weezer ticket. That is neato mosquito.

Erber made my Valentine's Day. And the rents sent cookies! Those chaches are going on a cruise this week. Boo.

Bring It On and rainbow chip cake...mmmm!