We jumped on the beds on Thursday and Safe Sexed and Danced our Queer Asses off on Friday. And walkshifts are a hoot...to boot!

Went to New York yesterday for our concert. Checked out the H&M, used my powers to get more females to admit to masturbation, met Daniela (!) in a bookstore, said "cream your jeans" incessantly,got Courtney the Pianist to fall for a Joe MAMA joke (!), had fun with Josh and Melanie in the bathroom on the bus, and still managed to have time to perform the world's most famous piece of comic light opera. Essentially the activities of the day confirmed that I am indeed a 7-year-old trapped in a 19-year-old's body.

By the way, I'm in a gang now: the Locust Walk Gang. Our leader is Snake. I am AWA, the Angel of Whoop Ass, and my peeps are Scrappy, the Reverend, Juvy & the Weasel, and Stucky Hampster the Baliwood Babe. Sometimes we run into the Quad Squad, and we have to put the smack down on Sassy Pants, Peep Show, Phlo, G-Phish, and Bitchtit. I love my extracurriculars.

Today I went to West Chester. It involved loading a set and chopping down bamboo. Good times. Neat neat fun.

Flirting is capital. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.



Gummy bear sex, anyone? ("mad props" to Deirdre Zabel for that artful display)

Anyway, I want to have a Jump On The Beds Night here à la Delaware.

You know the fake penis that you get when you're wearing jeans and you sit down? Brooke calls that a "jenis". How muy is that?

Why the hell do all these kids go and shoot other kids in high school? Don't they know they're going to make school suck even more? I imagine they'll become like prisons, and the students don't deserve that, excepting the idiot that decided to go on a rampage, of course.

I'm giving up Snood for the remainder of Lent. Now you might believe this is a herculean task, but this is how I think about it: there was life before Snood, and back then, I still didn't do any work, so I'll have to resort to "old school" methods of procrastinating in order to maintain the snoodian (a new adjective) no-work equilibrium. For example, I can watch T.V., play with this website, play Clickomania, play Sextris, IM...the possibilities are endless!

"Thoughts on the Parkway" was indeed published in B-GLAD, albeit accidently anonymously. Accolades for alliteration! I love dorks;) Still, I am happy.

If y'all are planning to be in NYC on 15th St. in between 2nd and 3rd Avenues at the 15th Street Friends Quaker Meeting House on Saturday at 8 PM, stop in. You'll see a sexy bunch of Penn Singers performing The Mikado, concert-style. Think this throng can't keep it up all day long? If that's you're idea, you're WRONG!

Peace, love, and Paprika Seika.


Trip To The Whip

Drew, what the hell happened to our snow? I was "banking" on it to get out of some classes. Oh, I saw this card today that I thought Dani and Sue would like. It said on the front, "Strip poker? I thought you said, 'Strip polka'!" Then when you opened it up it says, "It's your birthday. Celebrate accordionly." jajaja. Get thee to a punnery!

Anyway, Matt, Raina, and I went home to see The Sound of Music. It was muy. I thought the opening scene was cool. I like that WP theatre is probably actually being taken seriously by the school now because they realize it is good. Now Meera writes that they may have the "weird clothes day" tomorrow. That is nifty! And Kim said there were Greta signs (it all goes back to Mike not being able to spell) and lots of ABBA. Bob, Mike, Lindsay: we've succeeded where others have failed...

We had fun with grapes at Lindsay's, and a few rollicking rounds of "Who can hold their breath the longest?"

"My future seems vague and uncertain" is my phrase of the week.

Tom Jones has left our lives as mysteriously as he entered it.