Out There

Bob's being a poop. I asked nicely!

On the musical front, I've discovered Dar Williams. Some good stuff.



Please remember every fight is not the end of the world.


Breaking Up

We will all fuck over other people and we will all get fucked over. Like John Core says, "Chances are the screwing goes both ways."

We love each other anyway.

A Drexel freshman jumped off the Sheraton last night. Things like that can get to you.

If you really want to be depressed, go watch Requiem for a Dream.

I sang at an elementary school this morning. It was a lot of fun. It made me feel better.

No more classes. Happy Hey Day.


Spring Fling

Archiving sounded like a good idea, so I wasted some time doing that.

"Flung over." The short summary: ITW was nifty. Freshgrocer unleashed its awesome power on Penn this weekend. And Lisa said,"What about breakfast for Tiffany?" White chocolate chip pancakes and punch were involved. The 80's pop star also unleashed her awesome power on Penn this weekend. Moonwalks are tiring. Vidhya unleashed her awesome party-hosting power on Penn this weekend. After Melissa and Erin got lost in Camden on the way to the art museum, we all ended up in Beijing.



The Sweetest Fling has begun. Went to Egypt last night to see Strictly Funk. The Baltimore Block Party was so cool! Many run-ins with randomers. Then the Into the Woods Party, where I was the whore. However, imagine walking into a party and hear YOUR CD's playing! I also met Matthew K for the second time. Six degrees of my ass. Okay, time to eat.



So I'm twenty now. That's a little sad, but I didn't get as depressed this year as I normally do. The times they are a-changin'.

Dani, Sue, and Dana came to visit on Friday. I looked popular on Locust Walk. Dana sounded really bright--effects of the night before? Dana, Sue, and I let out some frustrations about Danifoolery, but in the end, we all had a good laugh. 2/31! 2/31! (Memorize the slammers, Dani.) My Penn peeps took me out to dinner:) Key lime pie...mmmm.

Thanks to all my peeps for the cards and the great day. Thanks Erber for doing the right thing.

Josh, Melanie, Becca, Akiva, Gary, and I watched Sex Trek: The Final Orgasm. Yeah DVD porn and Vang!

Mike Y implicitly compares himself to James Joyce. Treading on thin ice, buddy...just joshin'just joshin'.

I went to Aunt Joanie's for Easter. It was cool. Met up with Mike and Lindsay and learned the art of the "80's dance".

Today, I love my sisters. Happy Easter, everyone.



Of note: the phrase "feed the rumor mill" was used 3 times yesterday by 3 different people. Granted I said it the second time in a facetious manner in order to mock the first utterance, but three times is a lot, especially since I don't think I heard it at all in the 365 days before that.



Spring In The Air

Today was a beautiful day in Philadelphia and elsewhere. College Green was inundated! The crossword was my bitch.

I surprised myself this weekend. Cristine and Justin rock my world, but not at the same time.

Didn't we leave for London on this day many moons ago?

It's a small world after all.

Songs to check out: Garbage's version of "Thirteen". It's cute. Tori Amos' "Raspberry Swirl" --leave it to girls in leather hooking up and being drenched in chocolate sauce to spark your interest in a song. Ah, the advantages of experimental theatre.

Where's Franco? He's on the SUN BOWL with Marge and Jeff!


Goof Off

Good weather, but I feel bleh.

Never think of a meal in terms of the McDonald's french fries you gave up to eat that meal. You might get upset. Especially if that meal happens to be from Izzy and Zoe's. They are geometric bitches.

I am done with midterms:)

Have you seen the album, "Songs 4 Worship", that's been advertised on TV recently? Raina is obsessed with "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever," and she downloaded it onto my geekbox (hahaha...ebonics translator worked for me!). Then we spent a good amount of time ranking the attractiveness of everyone from KC3 instead of doing our finance case.

If there were some Survivor-like competition involving away messages, and we had to kill off the person with the worst ones, I think I speak for all my Whippany peeps in saying Ken would be the first to go. But seriously, maybe it's an honor to be killed. Maybe you have better things to do. Maybe I should shut up because I used to think I was funny, but now it's clear I'm not.

I just laughed remembering a simple equation: Andrea = Creamy.

hahahaha. okay i need to be not typing anymore. good night.


Sweden and Sullivan

I have mixed feelings on Sweden today. Okay, we all know Sweden is the birthplace of ABBA. BUT Sweden's Really Cool Nation Status is in danger of being revoked today, in light of the discovery that it is also the birthplace of Tetrapak. Tetrapak is the packaging used in France to preserve milk in boxes for months, even years. It's like Parmalat. Drinking milk from a box that's been hanging out in the cabinet for a few months is anathema (go vocab!) to me.

Yesterday I got to chat with, and think about, some old friends. It was muy.

The Mikado was a success. The parody was fun, too. Alyc posted this cute Edward Gorey illustration with the caption, "It takes elan to wield a fan," but I can't find it on the Internet. So I found this fun picture of Katisha, drawn by none other than William Schwenck Gilbert. May all good fortune prosper you...

Happy April Fool's Day.