Three Things

Happy Birthday to Mike.

Song: "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk," Rufus Wainwright.

Summer goal three: go to the nude beach by Sandy Hook.



I watched The Labyrinth, to see if my previous assessment of it was a little too harsh. It wasn't. This is a pretty crappy movie. I can see people might like it for sentimental nostalgic reasons, but don't tell me it's brilliant. The David Bowie Constant Crotch Issue is funny, though. Sexual tension between David Bowie and a 15-year old is also funny. I actually like that the girl fantasizes about the villain in a semi-sexual manner. Leslie and I think villains should have sex appeal.

On the other hand, SpaceCamp was a welcome blast from the past.

Ranjana writes well. I like, "Once again I'm an associate, on the fringe...the 18th Floor and Me." And as for being beautiful, you should know it's not only to strangers.


Fives and Sixers

The Sixers lost again. This time it "blew ass", as my roommate Leslie is prone to saying.

Houston, we have a phone line.

I visited Ranjana's page today, because there are fun pictures. You can check her out on the link page. But I'm wondering, what is a five-way convertible bra, anyway?

Jessmar is off to work at Disney. Have fun, Jess!

Luchtvaardigheidsgraad is Dutch for "the level of air humidity."


Prepare Ye

Lisa has adopted my phrase, "Once, my mom bought twenty-piece Chicken McNuggets," but she usually uses it on me.

Prepare for the truth: El Diner closed. Maybe that's what the fortune cookie meant. Maybe it can open on the moon in next century, and I can go there.



DSL no work. I'm at Wharton. ( I always call it Wharton, even though everyone else calls it Steiny D. No one calls it SHDH.) No phone yet either.

The roomies and I are getting down with Billy Blanks' Tae Bo! We also play some hardcore foosball. One player doesn't have legs. The soccer boys put their names on the back of the blue team, so we think we should put our names on the back of the red team, e.g. Melanie "No Legs" L.

In Whippany, Club Mu kicked off the summer in style.

In Philadelphia, there is 76ers fever. It's the only thing on the news, and people stay up till 2 in the morning honking their horns. Those crazy chaches.

I'm a redhead!