Summer At Home

Whippany is Whippany.

I'm in the mood to write, but nothing comes...on my face. I've decided to work at Moore Catholic again, instead of the mysterious place where Bob works. It has its advantages, money not being one of them. What can ya do? But never look at a religion book. Chances are you'll be pissed off. I know someone who...So I work at a Catholic school and swim at a Jewish Community Center. Cover those bases! Now I need a lesbian witch to hang out with.

BJG proved that I can hold my liquor but not always remember that I did.

We went bowling. Competition was fierce.

I'm going to Long Island this weekend for the first time in years. It should be interesting.

I finally bought tickets for France! And today I graded a French midterm. The world is funny like that.



I'm getting ready to go home. Sayin' goodbye to everyone. I think I'm leaving Monday morning now, just to get in another week of Sex and the City/Six Feet Under. Damn HBO!

Philly had a nice fireworks display, and all these cool celebrities read the Declaration of Independence. It was teeming rain (!) on the way home from the Parkway.

To address Leslie D's concern, I had a vague notion of what a convertible bra was, but it was the five-way part that confused me. Thanks for the help :O



I'm done with Management!

Went to Super Scoops 2001. You pay $5 dollars for a spoon, then you are let into this tent and have all the ice cream you can eat from different vendors like Friendly's, Ben & Jerry's, Haagen Daz, etc. Plus they have water ice. How brilliant is that?? Too bad it was in BFE.

Cranium sucked that time I played it at Ken's, but it was a lot more fun the other night. Try doing charades for the word "reproduce."