Going Away

Let's pretend it's August 31 so I don't have to archive this chach.

I'm preparing for France, i.e. spending lots of money, running around, taking spastic road trips, seeing a sketchy production of Hamlet, eating cheese fries, playing ERS. Today I buckled and got a Destiny's Child CD. I also got Wish You Were Here for $10! I wish I could bargain-hunt for clothes like that.

Junior year seems so big right now! In Lyon, I will be studying here.

I hope all my readers have a good few months.


My Feelings

Still it would not come.


Me Talk Pretty One Day

I'm updating specifically to recommend David Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day, particularly if you are going to study abroad in France. There are some very funny stories about learning the language.



This one's especially for Raina;) I respond to the needs of my readers.

The most recent happening of note was my trip to Montreal:

Friday was spent shopping, drinking (they have Yop!), eating poutine (Rosie raves about it, and with good reason), and going to Club SuperSexe. I have never been to a strip club before, so it was all new and exciting. Bob got a lap dance.

Saturday revolved around more drinking and eating. Food festival...mmm. We also walked around the Village in the middle of Montreal's Pride Week. There were gay boys as far as the eye could see. In our luxurious room, we played "Never Have I Ever." Sue's naked ass attracted our neighbors' attention, and then a fire alarm went off. Then we were off to a karaoke bar. Jackie Chan's head made an appearance. Erin gave Andrea a 50 and said, "Take this. Get drunk!" Well, she did, and she and Samantha were rocking to "Love Shack" while the rest of us provided backup. Bob performed an emotionally charged rendition of "Closer." He wants to fuck you like an animal...

On the way back to our hotel, we met the crackhead and her baby, and I feared we might end up riding back to the U.S. with a Canadian child. Mini-crisis averted, things were just getting started at the hotel. Dani, Sam, and Sue got naked. Then, "Some guy's coming over." This was followed by the naked trio taking pictures with the Arab in a nightgown. After that, "The girls are tired. The ladies request you leave." But our Kuwaiti friend kept hounding us, hence Bob's brandishing a butter knife/momentarily lapse in reason and some fun additions to my quote page.

I bought these dice in a sex shop: one die has verbs on it, and the other has body parts. I think they're funny. But "I know someone who" already owns them, and that made me smile. Everywhere I go, I'm surrounded by sex kittens!

On the way home, we wondered about Mike D's fate, drawing parallels with "The Wall."

And we ate at Cracker Barrel! hahaha.

I'll now give a shout-out to Brooke, in case she checks my page. Love you!

I have yet to write to my French family. I should go do that.

P.S. The Tom Jones and the Alleman Random Person Sex Dream mysteries were both solved. I feel a little more complete now.