Weekend Update

The stresses of the week end pleasantly in a Crêpe Soirée and baking penis and breast cookies with the roomies.



HELLO! I'm back from Lyon. I was going to include an entry on the whole trip called "The French Reflection", but we shall see if I ever get around to that. There are some additions to the quote page, mostly thanks to the sparkling wit of Ms. Slutskaya.

Winter break was much needed though too short. Some rivals stepped on our Whip Diner turf. We need to do something about that. New Year's was good fun. Paul effectively prevented Len from stealing our sunshine.

Mu is off in England, but she finally got her senior yearbook back. Cheerio, Mu!

Balthasar is a very good name for a pet fish.

I liked all my classes this week. Isn't that weird? Thomas Hobbes is the MVP of the week, having been quoted in three of my classes: "Life is nasty, brutish, and short."

Go see The Lord of the Rings and A Beautiful Mind!

I lose umbrellas, but I get by with a little help from my friends.