Langue d'Amour

To continue a theme, today's subject is: Why speak French?

Mike thinks things sound more profound in French, and complaining sounds much less whiny.

In accordance with Bob's theory that I'm a snob, I speak French. Forget all this crap about loving the country and the culture. That's fine, but when you choose a language in 7th grade, how much does a culture you know shit about really factor into your decision? But back then I was still a snob, I suppose. And if you're pretentious, French is the natural choice, don't you see? Then again, Bob and Jenn both took Spanish...

But the real fun of it is best explained by Luisa, who wonders why, when writing or speaking French, it always seems like you're addressing a lover.

Clearly someone does not want to do his homework, find a job, exercise, or anything besides amuse himself right now.

I'm in love with International Security and Leslie Evans.


I'll Take Some Of That

She said, "Let them eat brioche." Not cake! I'm studying for a French test. Back to studying. More later.