I will update soon, I swear. I haven't even talked about Spring Break!



No Exit

"Hey, look. Jesus is here!"

I say something to that effect in Jesus Christ Superstar. Rehearsals are going well. This is a fun show to do because I like the music a lot, and we get to be all different types of characters. But it makes me think, too, because I tend to th ink about such things. What if the apostles were really like us? Hmm. I can't correctly word what I mean to say. It's also weird to be taking part in a crucifixion, even if it is fake.

I feel like writing today instead of highlighting.

Bob and Yvonne came to visit. I had lots of fun. We saw Mask & Wig. My housemates had a Chai Coffeehouse! We sang Pink Floyd and Toto. Asshole was played. Then Hari wrote a sociology paper on it, and made everyone else read it, because that is something he would do.

Then I went home to see Guys and Dolls. It was worth the trip. I got to see Kim, as well as some old WP Theatre cohorts. The Whip Diner crew concluded that we're getting old because we woke up early to save money and take advantage of the breakfast special. I conclude we are also just as stupid as always because the special didn't really exist, but that didn't prevent us from having a fabulous time. Those muppets are scary.

The Saturday breakfast experience should have been a sign: no twenty piece chicken McNuggets for $2.99 in West Philadelphia!

Love, sex, infatuations, and attractions: the analysis continues.

Experience proves that the answers to questions are best found out by asking the question.

Our friend MT plays foozball frenetically in faraway Frankfurt. One day, we will have some pictures from Lyon.

My contacts are killing me. Must write more!

The Nice, Shot Cat Quote Page has passed away. E-mail me if you want a text copy to treasure for years to come.

"It is hard, it ain't pretty, I can't past that Hexagon City." One man learns that a decision that makes you happier is a good one. I guess that doesn't take into account ethics or opportunity costs. Nevertheless, just because Hexagon City is a bitch doesn't mean you give up on the whole puzzle. Everyone will fail, but they will get past it in the end. We should ask ourselves if we're doing anything to reach the next level, because time itself doesn't solve the problem. Learning is involved.

And I'm afraid of dying, too. That can relate back to decisions. One day it will all be over (I'm the morbid one), and I often find myself thinking, "I wouldn't want it to end this way," i.e. with choices hanging over my head, with these things unsaid, with nothing resolved. So my goal is to minimalize the occurrence of that thought pattern. You are nothing else but your life. If you don't like it, then change it.

"On meurt toujours trop tôt - ou trop tard. Et cependant la vie est là, terminée; le trait est tiré, il faut faire la somme. Tu n'es rien d'autre que ta vie."

We survived February, though, but maybe my GPA didn't. We shall see. Of course, we still don't have our fucking grades from France!