See You In Hell

Which circle of hell are you going to? I spend eternity in the Ninth circle, along with fellow procrastinator Hannah. She says, "Well, if I have to be completely submerged in ice at the center of the Earth, held in Lucifer's mouth, I'm glad I'm going to be there with you." Join the party!!



I think I should start updating my page again. It's hard to know where to begin.

I've been busy. There was a utopia, limited. There was a wild party. There is no job. There will be a thesis.

There was a visit from J.P. There were mountains of snow. There was handing in a management paper three weeks late. There was a return to Lyon, and a visit to Becky in Florence. There was plotting with Hannah. There was the discovery of Frank O'Hara . There was Buffy bonding time. There was Raina finally succumbing to my wishes to watch Birthday Girl. There were fan games back in Whippany, and visits to Philadelphia. There was a graduation dinner, and singing in the rain.

Mostly, there was the conspicuous absence of someone so important in my life that made these months especially hard. I've got to admit it's getting better.

There has been the impending sadness of graduation. There has been the growing nostalgic energy in every single picture, inside joke, story from France, dinner with friends, cast party, that makes me want to cry or go drink.