Pop Culture Note

Madonna kisses Britney and Christina: "These are my daughters, with whom I am well pleased," says the Pop Goddess. And everyone with a Y chromosome dreams sweet dreams.


Summer Goal Achieved

I learned how to drive stick. The babes can't resist me.

One of my old nemeses, decorative soap, has returned and invaded both bathrooms of my house.



Erin, Dani, and I trekked up to Vermont, where we outsmarted a serial killer and escaped death. (That is, if you consider a person driving in a serial killer-like car to be a serial killer, and you assume outsmarting means continuing to drive.) Thus, we arrived safely in Burlington to celebrate Suesday with our favorite Sue.

The weekend was chock full of Polaroids, Aviators, and Rotel. Our sexy sextet--the quartet from Jersey, joined by Zeitz and J. Funlap--rocked Charlie O's in Montpelier. Yeah capital city! Dig The Kent Variety!

Yesterday night, Mu and I attended the Justified/Stripped concert. Good times! Christina's acoustic "Come on Over, Baby" was chill, but the songs that got me going were "Fighter" and JT's "SeƱorita."

This week has been a reunion of sorts, and it felt good.



I've debated whether I was going to continue doing the journal thing.

Perhaps it was MY's cogent arguments. And maybe I will start a trend, and then if we fail to keep in touch, we really won't fail. The website will be a constant in these changing times. What would the world be like without ¡Bailamos!?

That being said, here is the update:

In college there seemed to be many units of measurement for time. Life could be divided according to semesters, vacations, shows, exam schedules (damn two midterms + final bullshit). Now it seems like there are only days.

I am employed!

Last week I felt like I was setting fire to my own little world and taking everyone down with me. That is sooo over. No, wait.

We've listened to Fleetwood Mac a lot. They're the new Temptations.

I've enjoyed my trips to Chicago and Philadelphia. Long Island: never a dull moment!

One of my summer goals from 2001 was achieved this week. Actually, I've learned a little guitar, and may soon have a car with a manual transmission. That would take care of all three goals. Wow, look at Brian "Go-Getter"! Please disregard the two-year time to completion.

My imaginary boyfriend, Jacob JCC, is doing fine, thank you. Meanwhile, the Eastern Seaboard Conversion Plan, or The Great Leap Gayward, is progressing smoothly.