Don't Tread On Me

Words can bring me down. Particularly if they're written into the Constitution. You can find contact information for your elected officials at www.congress.org. Let them know you oppose any amendment to the Constitution that would deny marriage to same-sex couples.



San Diego was delightful. I went to the zoo, I had a necessary conversation, I had the good fortune to go out for Afghan food, and I experienced the best peanut butter & jelly sandwich of my life. The weather was perfect and the margaritas were plentiful. I heard everyone preface highway routes with "the." I cruised around in a BMW whilst listening to Beyonce. I lingered on many a beach. This was perhaps the California's greatest attraction for me; city + beach = recipe for content. Thanks for hosting, Mr. Reyes and Cie.

Vermont was also fun. We rocked out to Video Pigeon on Valentine's Day. The weather was freezing and the Cooler Ranch Doritos were plentiful. We waited for SEVEN minutes at Henry's Diner before being approached by a server. As often happens when the "Dirty Jerz" goes to the Green Mountains, 1) the "Dirty Jerz" got lost on the way (and sadly this time, we did not penetrate Vergennes), 2) we took the opportunity to dress outlandishly, and 3) everyone got crazysexydrunk.

I'm an aspiring jet-setter.