Apologies for the long hiatus, dear readers. I currently don't have an Internet connection in New York, and I don't know that I'm going to get one. The only opportunity I have to update is when I'm here in lovely Whippany.

It's difficult to cover the past few months all at once. The whole recency effect prevails. Saw a good Guster-Rufus-Ben Folds concert. MT revealed the free kayaking on the Hudson River, Raina liked The English Patient (happy fist!), Mike and Hari came for a wild weekend, and I can't get "Mad World" from the last scene in Donnie Darko out of my head. There were many HRG birthday celebrations, as well as a wine tasting, 3 weekends wasted working, and the introduction of icebreakers and "Baby Freestyle." On Tuesday nights we paint the town red.

I'm giving up on Gravity's Rainbow. Maybe I'll come back to it. But I could have read other books 15.43-the 3 repeating-times over in the amount of time I've struggled with this book.

It's incredible that in one month I'll have been at work for 1 year! Time flies.

Friday, I purchased my tickets for Argentina!