I slept poorly last night: I kept thinking of things that must be covered in the Encyclopedia Whippanica, or whatever its name will be. "The Movie That's My Life", sex photos in the Dark Room, Beth, the Ledge concert...

Remember when seeing your friend in Church was the coolest thing? When your parents let you sit with them, man, that was the MEANING of divine intervention. It wasn't boring anymore. Conclusions on this Easter Sunday: it's still cool to see your friend in Church. And the "Peace be with you" thing. That's cool, too.

I'm currently making a list of the several folk to whom I could say, "I don't know whether to kiss you or kill you." And mean it. Plus, it would be fun to say. I'm all about enacting the no-drama policy, but it would be fun to say. Not that I ever would. Sober. Jesus Christ (is risen).

"Stuck in the Middle with You." I used to hate it because it conjured up disturbing ear-chopping images. Today it has made its way onto the list of songs I would like to make out to. Yes, I do. Not on paper, just in my head.


NJ and Me: Perfect Together

Oh, Whippany, the mix of love and resentment! Maybe I like it this way.


Get Over It

Resolved: No longer condemn the future to death so it can match the past.



Well! That was helpful.

More congratulations: one for Bob, whose translation received positive reviews, and one for Mike.

Overheard at the office this week:

"Who brought the chocolate cake in?"
"The Devil. We've already established that."

"I'm gonna take an aggressive approach: I'm going to kill myself."