It was good to check in. Some notes on our meeting:

  • I check myself in the mirror before leaving the hotel, notice I'm wearing a Polo Sport jacket over a blue Polo oxford with khakis. I look so fucking preppy. Oh my God, he's going to think I haven't changed at all! Have I changed at all?

  • I was nervous on the phone, but things are better in person. We talk a little about Whippany. Justin points out that we're nearing a reunion, but that the people you'd really like know what happened to wouldn't show up. I agree, but then he chooses Ed K as his example, and I feel like saying, "If you really want to know, my sister was lamb-sitting for him just the other day."

  • I'm surprised by his sense of humor in "I seem to have a habit of getting into long-distance relationships. I don't know, maybe it's the only way they can stand me..."

  • I learn that college kicked his ass and that Chris L wasn't very big on the party scene.

  • He likes The Onion! We quote "Point-Counterpoint." It's good to find a kindred spirit, I say.

  • Girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend. Not in an annoying way.

  • The cosmic forces currently linking us together are softball and a distaste for the president.

  • The money shot: he drives me back to the hotel in his BMW convertible.

  • He slaps his hands against the middle of the steering wheel along with the music. His father used to do the same. I surpise myself when this bit of knowledge comes bubbling to the surface.

  • Oh, Justin. I'll always love ya, baby. Always and never.(With apologies to Frank Miller. And Clive Owen. Damn, can he walk around in a trenchcoat!)

I went home this weekend. I kind of have a crush on the waiter at Breanna's. It was bound to happen. I mean, spending that much time with someone. That and he's always so nice, because it's his job. We should totally go out! No pressure in meeting the family.

My mom wants me to start saving money to buy a condo. Then she asked where I would buy one, as if I've been weighing this decision for months or something. Yes, saving money should start happening.

The weather is warming up. Bust out the Beyonce! Where's a BMW convertible when you need one?