My Feelings

The line between madness and masochism was already hazy..."

I have a nuclear reserve of nervous energy prepared to blow up all residences within a 10-block radius. The pavement of Fairchild Place will snake up and down in the air like a sine curve, followed by multiple simultaneous explosions with that blurry air from all the heat. You'll see the stereotypical tire roll out of the flames, and perhaps some Sykes children. Then Janine will bust out and Garbage will be playing and I will have fantastic hair.

Either I will move to Russia or I will get over it.

Episode III. Check. It was pretty good. Yes, it blows the other two prequels out of the water. Yes, the screenplay is shit. (Natalie Portman, I feel sorry for you.) The fact that the love scenes suck has a larger ramification when you consider that the passionately intense devotion to Padme (which apparently happened all off-screen in between II & III) is the supposed motivation for Anakin's turn to the Dark Side. In short, you don't believe it. I agree with the criticism circulating that the Star Wars universe is one of moral absolutes. You'd think for someone to go from the Golden Boy to a kickass villain might involve a bit more personal torture than some bad dreams. The story doesn't make Anakin's downfall seem like a progression, rather it appears one day he gets down on his knees and pledges allegiance to evil. Perhaps this is supposed to be a testament to the power of the Dark Side--that it makes you look like an ass--but I don't buy it. Anyway, I like the iguana-thing and, of course, the lightning (which was the reason Return of the Jedi was always my favorite). The dual operating table scene is what you came to see.

Other pop culture comments: That song "Don't Cha?" What's not to love? And then, there's this other song they play on K-Rock by Mars Volta. I have no idea what they're saying, but everytime it comes on, I'm mesmerized.

****Things You Should Not Write at Work About/To a Former Co-Worker but Brian did Anyway:****
Q: Where do you see Dan G in 5 years?
A (B): Handcuffed to a motel room bed in Montauk, NY. See you then.



Did you know that the French word for paper clip is trombone? For some reason this is fascinating. I think they named it that because a paper clip looks like a little trombone. In German, it's b├╝roklammer.

I played softball. Regression Agression. That's the name of our team. We lost. Maybe it was Todd's windbreaker and shorts-bordering-on-short-shorts, or the white wine, but it was fun.

I'm also excited because Garbage has a new album.

I'll say it again, I'm inspired by the ivory-billed woodpecker. This bird that everyone thought was extinct for the past 60 years is still alive! It was gone forever, and now it's back. How can you not think that is cool? That bird is a SURVIVOR. No question who's had the best week ever.