Tri-State Trekking

Okay, before, we go any further, Thank the Lord my Internet is back!

The Knight of the Northeast Corridor rides again! With my trusty steed, Janine, and all manner of cab, train, and PAPmobile, I crisscrossed the metropolitan area last weekend.

Friday evening took me to the New Jerusalem to pick up the car. However, it would not be complete without Becky and I trying to do the dance to "Buttons" in the kitchen. This was merely a short stopover, and by that night I was back at HQ.

Sidenote: I need a catchy name for the apartment.

Saturday was a visit to another shrine of sorts (at least if you're from New York, or from my family), Yankee Stadium. I met some of Jenn's crew, including Rich's daughter, who asked me over the course of the day what my favorite color was, what my favorite number was, what my second favorite number was, if I knew where "Rebecca" was sitting, if Jenn and I saw each other at recess in elementary school, if I was sad that the Red Sox won, if I loved my sisters, whose birthday party was I going to, did I want to go, and whether before the game I was excited to meet her or "not that much." I can be pretty engaging in conversation if someone is asking all the questions. It forces me to answer them. So I had an excellent time despite the loss.

There was no sleep in Brooklyn. We brought sexy back and spatula-ed it all over the roof for hours. I mean we danced until the morning.

Sidenote: Albert,whoever you are, thank you for the phrase "wank bank." Needless to say, you've earned a spot on my dance card.

That left Sunday to commune with nature in Connecticut (remind me to tell you about my eye doctor, sometime, though) and reacquaint ourselves with Brian K. He wears his shirt more frequently now, and it's a good thing because there were aggressive mosquitos.

And they all lived happily ever after for a week.


GQ's Recipe for Clive Owen

That is so gay. Although I would like to know some more details on how this study was conducted, yay for Penn!

On top of Karaoke On Demand, there is Exercise On Demand. Lauren and I rocked out to Urban Beat 1, which sucked, but Jab Kick 3 is hot!

Andrew Corsello mixes up a Clive Owen:

4 parts rage (chilled to frozen)
5 parts melancholy
1 part languour
2 parts sensitivity
1 part sublimated class rersentment
26 parts sexual allure/menace/perversion
Worm (optional)

Drink up.


Overheard at the Brain Drain

"There are sober kids in India. You have to finish your beer!"


Soul Invasion


Not only did I get to hear one of my Favorite Songs Ever ("Great Gig in the Sky") live, I heard ALL of Dark Side of the Moon, plus a bunch of Wall tunes, plus Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, PLUS Sheep, PLUS Wish You Were Here!

How much is linked to this music. (Dani's soul, the past, etc.)



Raina is a good date.

Feel very alive today.


Wouldn't It Be Nice?

The high school crush that attends your party wants to sleep with you. The strange, young, straight analyst crazy dancer wants to sleep with you. The friend whose voicemail makes your day is waiting to sleep with you. The friend who writes you on the same day you finally contact him feels a divine connection, and he totally wants to have your babies.

Fantasy World.