My grandfather died. I want to write down stories. All I've been thinking about so far is how both my grandmother and grandfather cooked, and I thought that was so interesting. In our house, my dad always cooked. And Nana always cooked and Aunt Joanie always cooked. It was different to see a couple that cooked together.

Yesterday was a Huntsman alumni event and Corinne's birthday. At work, seventeen people asked me why I was wearing a tie...

Because I bought it this summer and love it and haven't worn it yet.

Because I'm going to an alumni event, and I get stuck with the feeling that I have something to prove to administrators and all those Penn professionals, and so if I wear this, maybe I look serious. And maybe friends will think I "look good," and maybe word will get around.

Because I'm going to a party, and sometimes dressing up makes me feel good about myself, and every little bit helps.

But: "be we in Paris or in Lansing, nothing matters when we're dancing."