Seasons of What

How do you measure a year?



The Rally

The vague sense that Things Are Going To Be Okay has been tugging at me today, but I think I'm just happy to get two days off. Nevertheless, I'm going to ride this mofo as long as possible. The Rally: if Tess of the d'Urbervilles can do it, so can I! (Let's not think about the end just yet.)

An open-ended question: what is a good synonym for "held your gaze?" That is so lame. I don't want to use it.


67 Things

Julie and Casey had an excellent dinner party, which I attended after going to the Met. (Couldn't you see me as a Burberry-clad old fart on the Upper East Side?) A lovely day.

I'm kind of falling in love with Anne Carson. I don't know much about her, and I have a vague feeling that I would hate her if I met her in real life, but I have liked everything I've read so far. The Beauty of the Husband makes me want to linger over it.

We have this deep sadness between us and its spells so habitual I
tell it from love.

Michel, qu'est-ce qu'on va faire pour fĂȘter le Beaujolais Nouveau?

Because I am a serious reader of "Like Seriously," I was inspired to write 100 things. I only came up with 67, but the 66th thing I jotted down (which would have been placed at #99 if I actually finished the list) was:

99)It occurred to me at #63 that anyone actually reading this list probably already knows all of these things.

Then I thought,"Hmm, is that actually true? Are my 100 things so known, so predictable that they need not be declared? Would I be able to knock off someone else's 100 things?"

So, here. It's the condensed version of each thing so you can check your answers after you quiz yourself. Because I bet you would get the spirit of the majority of the things right, if not the letter.

1)Jenn's website

2)my website/Enrique Iglesias

3)I still like that song.

4)Dancing. Vision of Heaven Part 1.

5)Tri-state area



8)Middle child: Rich Young's interpretation




12)Whippany friends/clap-clap.CLAP.



15)Extroversion, using the definition explained by Hannah



18)Driving 1: Dodge Spirit, Janine, slow.

19)Driving 2: the romance of being the passenger.

20)Driving 3: I brake for “Sweet Child of Mine” every time.

21)High Regrets-to-Age Ratio

22)First Explored Love = Hari

23)The dual nature of light, pop songs, and me, and you

24)The genius of Dan Detrolio: Hugh Japenis. This joke has made me laugh more than any other I have heard.

25)Laughing at stuff

26)Acting and singing

27)I help advertisers make more money (and I don't want to anymore)



30)Work/why I would want to be my sisters

31)My dream job

32)Crushes, 1999-2006

33)I’m a pack rat, in heart and home.

34)Rollercoasters are good.

35)And bagels.


37)My favorite song


39)Musical tastes influenced by a)parents and b)Bob.

40)Some favorite books

41)Excercise, you fat fuck

42)Probably the best dressed man I know

43)Beach. Vision of Heaven Part 2.

44)Southern accents versus Raina

45)Favorite movies

46)I love Christmas in New York.

47)A word I hate


49)Politics and televised sports

50)A probable deal-breaker

51)Being a Republican is not a deal-breaker

52)Residual anger over my parents voting for Bush in 2004


54)I am skilled at obsessing over the past, capable of seizing the present, and the future? The future’s a crapshoot, really.

55)Absent on 9/11


57)What some douchebags think about the future

58)I hate when people equate going on dates with life fulfillment.

59)A band that makes me horny


61)The night Andrea sang a lullaby

62)A handful of failed artistic endeavors

63)My favorite New York day last year

64)Cold-hearted bastard on the phone

65)The best cake in the world in our own backyard!

99)It occurred to me at #63 that anyone actually reading this list probably already knows all of these things.

100)"What am I giving you? I am giving you nothing."



I have a potpourri of topics to discuss.

Halloween was maximized. There are pictures. Go to myspace or something.

Sudoku makes me anxious. For some reason, I had it in my head that people did these puzzles to relieve stress. I would say there is a certain mind-numbing quality to it, because you enter this mode where all you think about is numbers and boxes. However, it's difficult for me to exit that mode. Crosswords I can leave unfinished and come back to. But the Sudoku boxes are there and want to be filled with numbers and it's the same logic over and over and there's a whole adjacent page with blank spaces!!!

"If I lay here, If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?" Okay, I love this song. It is beautiful. It is raw emotion. I am a sucker for songs involving driving or that you think would sound good while driving. The whole laying/forgetting the world is everything I wanted when I was 17 years old, and I still want it on some days. But now I think it would be better to find someone to BE in the world with rather than someone to escape it with. Do you know what I mean or not? Of course, this perspective is shaped by previous experience, and how I, like, have not been, like,all too successful at "being in the world" with the handful of people who have wanted just that from me.

I'm a slow learner. This may help inform next year's Halloween costume.

The final episode of Six Feet Under made me cry both times I watched it this week. I need this shit on DVD. It's my equivalent of Jen's death throes, or Roger Waters. Rest in peace.