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Song And Dance

It didn’t happen like that. I read an account of my day on the page, and it’s too linear. History: just one fucking thing after another? No, not so linear, and I lack the talent to correct it.

Shall I solve all your problems with a musical number?
I’ve been living to see you…

I would if I could. It’s my nature. And if you look at the principals in the company that plays nightly on the cold and cavernous stage, how did they get there?

We were apostles together in Jesus Christ Superstar. I watched him go down on Rapunzel in Into the Woods. He found me in the curtains.

(There are exceptions. I met one at a program for International Studies and Business. Then again, I did not love him before he asked,"Would You Light My Candle?”)

Some enchanted evening,
You will see your best friend,
You will see your best friend across a crowded room. You will have been jealous of an actress, because her character was in love with his character, and he stared at her long, during chaos unfolding on stage. Around you they will be boasting about their silly limericks, and how great her ass looks in those jeans. Then fly to his side, and touch his chin. To declare before these foolish players, “I knew him.” Months later, when your brain revolves once more to this performance, you will insist in some angry corner that the gesture also meant, “I love you so fucking much. I don’t want that to get fucked up.”

A real showstopper!