Debbie Did Disneyland (But Now The Link Is Broken)

I've postponed updating because every time I log on, I'm reminded how I want to get rid of the home page/journal page distinction, but owing to my less-than-perfect setup of this site, I realized that will be tedious to change. Then I tried to write a macro to do it, but haven't quite cracked the code, and then I got bored with writing macros in my free time. ANYWHO...

This is just because my family and I were talking about it recently, and it makes me laugh till I cry.

Yvonne enters the blogosphere and an exciting new chapter in life!

Sorry, got to go, Doctor and Mrs. Adam request the pleasure of my company.


Hot List

The temperature's not the only thing that's HOT these days:

Damages: it takes about 5 minutes before you take over my life every Tuesday night. Gladly, bitches.

Tribe Spicy Chipotle Hummus: Why doesn't C-Town (Town) have you every week??

Vitamin Water, Multi-V: against all odds, I fell in love with you.

Launchast on Yahoo: I enjoy listening to your Cool As Folk station at work. Then I write down a list of songs I like, and go buy them. Like this, for example.

Spring Awakening: Mama who bore me, Mama who gave me, no way to handle to handle things, who made me so sad...