Greek Song

LIVE from the Windy City, this is Bailamos!

I recently returned from the big vacation to Greece. There are lots of pictures(90% without people) that will soon be available. I brought my bitchlog all the way there and back and did not write in it once, so I have to pick out some random thoughts from memory.

We went on a sunset cruise. Let this be a warning: if you are on a Greek isle, and you see the words "sunset" and "cruise," you will be traveling with a boatload of couples. (There apparenetly is no Euro-equivalent to Cheap Westchester Girls lured by the promise of free wine and snacks.) Our boat looked like a piarate ship, sans Jolly Roger. I was thinking it felt Pirates of the Caribbean. Then we sailed to Nea Kameni, the volcano. We hiked around in the heat, and it felt like we were heading towards the fires of Mordor. I regretted that my mind automatically tried to equate these experiences with Hollywood.

The ferry ride from Santorini to Paros was beautiful. We ate giant chocolate croissants. I was thinking: "In one of these dreams, you forgive me." But I was also thinking: "I'm supposed to feel this happy for only two weeks a year??" But I was also thinking: "Left a good job in the city..."

[Sidenote: I'm on the metra back into Chicago,[sidenote within a sidenote: I crossed out "the city" because it didn't sound right], and there's this group of friends chatting, but they boarded from at least 3 different stops. For some reason, this bewilders me. Does this happen on the LIRR?]

Paros = gorgeous and relaxing and quiet. I didn't think of much. Oh, we invented a new constellation called the Lefkes Box. It is right next to the moon.

Mykonos was also beautiful, but all the boys made me miss mine. Delos was amazing, and I love that mythology shit (I'm going to break out Edith Hamilton pretty soon.) There were friendly Germans who we should have gone out with.

Athens had a lot to see. I was having so much fun on the islands that I wasn't looking forward to it. But it was awesome/overwhelming to study all the things that have been left behind. What am I leaving behind?

I read three books on the trip, which made me happy. The Golden Gate must have been an interesting technical exercise for the author, which was inspiring in its own right, and the book was entertaining, but just not as great as I thought it would be. ***Spoiler alert!***This is largely because I can't swallow one plot point. If a bisexual man hooks up with a guy, drops him, and about a month later marries the dumped guy's sister, does everyone emerge fine and dandy? Sorry, no.

I spent the whole plane ride home reading A Spot of Bother, which was highly enjoyable and more than a little funny.

The book that rocked my world--and I'm not trying to sound like a made some unique discovery here--was Mrs. Dalloway. I loved it, and I think it's the first book where one of my initial reactions after finishing it was, "I wish I had written this!" When I was done, I went to Amazon to see what people had to say, and I was surprised by the number of people who said they read or watched The Hours so they wanted to read this book, only to be disappointed. How could you not love it?