Candidate Quiz

I took this select-your-candidate quiz, which was fun. Barack came out at the top, but he and Hillary had the same score. However, I'm watching the debate right now, and so far, Joe Biden resonates most with me, for having a kick-ass response on Iran.


Things To Do

We're well into Q4. Only two more months left to get hotter, write to the Salles, cook twice, learn the geography of Africa and Asia, and get a physical. Damn it. Don't be surprised if I don't update here too often, although I'd actually like to do that, too.

I now have a flickr page. You love me.

I have a bunch of other things on my to do list. Ditch an air conditioner/"exclude" a pigeon. Get winter coats and sweaters cleaned. Tailor the expensive jeans Doug bought so they fit. Have a think about what the hell I'm doing with my life.

ALL RIGHT-Y, talk to you later.