Play It As It Lays

Wow. WOW.

I vaguely remember learning in High School English class about Edgar Allan Poe believing writing should focus on producing one single effect in the reader. I had a flashback of that lesson while reading Play It As It Lays. Not one word seems out of place. And the effect achieved is that of drawing an X-Acto knife through your skin.


Coming Soon

Wow, Blogger is amazing. I just figured out how to post my old entries on the new site with accurate dates. Coming soon, the ¡Bailamos! back catalog.


To Read, Surely

I'll have to read this.


Poem In Your Pocket Day

Today is Poem In Your Pocket Day. I love it! It should be nationwide! One of these years I hope to actually attend the reading in Bryant Park.



Your roommate, who became my dear friend, finds some of these entries too cryptic. But I weigh what I want to tell against what is known and sometimes wonder whether any good or harm can come of what I put down on the page.

I was thinking of writing about the night of the wedding.

This is not the blog I intended to write. This is just a tribute.

The crux:

I never let you live down an offhand statement you made eight years ago. Long after that, I wanted you to put your love where your mouth was.

("Among my friends love is a payment.
It is an old debt for a borrowing foolishly spent.
And we go on, borrowing and borrowing
from each other.")


Less cryptic reflections on Miami and San Francisco to come?