Waiting For The Weekend

"Bring your Whimsy on the road, but leave your Skepticism at home. You're in."

This weekend, we hunt for love and devils in Weird New Jersey. (Do we ever stop?) The focus will be South Jersey, as we already have covered the North in 2006. I planned to document that excursion, but all I have in my bitchlog are a couple snappy one-liners and a list of the sites visited. Wish me better luck this time.



"Don't be afraid to be magnificent."

Bruce Montgomery (June 20, 1927 - June 21, 2008)




Two enthusiastic thumbs up for Robyn's new album.


Breaking News

About this time last year, one of my friends wrote: "...And don't tell me you've never seen it because it is a terrific movie and you'd be crazy to have lived 26 years with it and by the way it's on tv every other week."




The Shawshank Redemption.

I understand what the rest of you were talking about 14 years ago.


Some Books

I planned to write up some thoughts on all the books I read this year in an effort to remember them better, but I haven't felt up to it lately. That made me just stop writing altogether, which is not the intended effect. The letter killeth, bitches, so here are a few notes on the recent books:

1. The Hours

Have all the good stories been written? I don't know why this book in particular made me wonder.

"It was the house, really, she thinks."

2. House of Sand and Fog

I enjoyed that a full, beautiful book is based on a very simple premise: kick one character out of a house and give it to someone else.

3. Suite Fran├žaise

I didn't have high expectations going into this, but it defied me. It has been lingering with me, partially because I recently went to Paris, partially because we are at war.

Paris is beautiful today, but reading the book reminded me of the price that was paid for that beauty (surrender, collaboration).

We are at war today. But it is not immediate for the vast majority of us; it is a war in a place that a majority of young Americans can't find on a map. This is so different than the way war is depicted in the book, affecting lives across society. And it is interesting to see a story that highlights how the human qualities of goodness, generosity, selfishness, greed, cruelty persist even as the world is crashing down. Not everything is sacrifice and sunshine in the novel. I appreciated that.

This is the only book I've ever read where the appendix broke my heart.