Showtune Tuesday: Jesus Christ Superstar

Gotta show some JCS during the Lenten season...

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The things we do for love. The things we do to prove we are right.

I always joke that my boyfriend would leave me for a "gentle hip-hop dancer." I am clumsy and loud. I do not know how to dance. A gentle hip-hop dancer is everything I'm not. The last time I made this joke/accusation, JP fought back:

"I never said that! YOU made that up! I would never put those words together!"
"Just because you never said it out loud doesn't mean it's not true!"

And then I embarked on a way to convince him, by polling his friends and showing that they agreed with me.

So, I signed up for a free account on SurveyMonkey (oh, memories of Marketing Research class), designed my survey, collected responses, AND today even figured out how to post flickr slideshows on Blogger (maybe). What an education over one weekend!

UPDATE: Ok, I have to close the survey, because apparently responses are still rolling in. Chalk one more up to family-oriented surfer dude. 14/28 for GHHD is the final tally.


Earth Hour

Join millions around the world as they turn out and take action on global climate change by participating in Earth Hour 2009. Turn off your lights on Saturday, March 28, 2009 8:30-9:30 PM local time.



Weird Signs of the '09 Economy

1. How restaurants that used to be open for dinner are now all open for lunch/brunch, and restaurants that used to be open for lunch are now open for breakfast.

2. The depressing free magazine selection at work.


Showtune Tuesday: Dick Tracy

Picture it: Whippany, 1990. My family rolls around in a Plymouth Grand Voyager. What are we listening to? Madonna: I'm Breathless - Music from and inspired by the film Dick Tracy. Although this album didn't make it onto the 26 list, I sure remember Becky and me loving it.

What I did not know until a few minutes ago (thanks, YouTube of the Oscar perfomance/Wikipedia) was that Stephen Sondheim actually wrote this song, giving it an extra ShowTune Tuesday dimension.

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I imagine that if you commute everyday it gets old, but I love crossing the Manhattan Bridge by subway. A train in the sky! You have nice views of the water, the city, and the Brooklyn Bridge. And you wonder about the people that live in those high-rises, how they might see the subway go by their bathroom window.

Last night we also talked about the Pan Flute Man. He would be in Grand Central on Thursdays when I passed en route to work. The best was when he played "My Heart Will Go On."

What is also good is that "pan flute titanic" is one of the suggestions in the search box on Youtube.


Manifest Destiny

We mailed in the lease renewal form. We'll be leaving the apartment on April 30. Thinking about this, I feel nothing but love for you, New York.

Showtune Tuesday: Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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Think of 26 albums that had such a profound effect on you they changed your life or the way you looked at it. They sucked you in and took you over for days, weeks, months, years. These are the albums that you can use to identify time, places, people, emotions. These are the albums that, no matter what they were thought of musically, shaped your world. When you finish, tag 26 others, including me. Make sure you copy and paste this part so they know the drill. Get the idea now? Good. Readers should feel free to guess (or ask) why particular albums are there.

1. The Beatles-White Album: my mother (Rocky Raccoon)/Andrea (I Will)/Matt L (Beatles in general)
2. A 50’s/60’s compilation my mom had: One Easter my dad didn’t come to Florida but my mom’s friend Jeannette did, and we listened to this collection on the way down. My mom car-danced to “Tossin and Turnin.” The album also had “Rockin’ Robin,” “Maybellene,” “Duke of Earl,” “The Wanderer,” all of which were pretty awesome.
3. Eric Clapton-Unplugged: The first time I remember asking for an album rather than just listening to something that my parents or friends liked; the first cassette I owned; Aunt Debbie gave it to me for my birthday
4. Fiddler On The Roof London Cast Recording: I am driving to and from Staten Island with my father to go to the orthodontist.
5. Madonna—Like a Prayer: There is a video that everyone talks about with burning crosses and a statue that comes to LIFE and an awesome choir /there is this weird song called Dear Jessie “pink elephants and lemonade” that makes no sense/I am a Penn Singer and we play the title song at every cast party/I am dancing with Hari
6. Alanis Morissette—Jagged Little Pill: I am a freshman in high school and Alanis is everywhere
7. ABBA – Gold
8. Tori Amos—Little Earthquakes
9. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon: I love Bob and Dani
10. Garbage – Version 2.0
11. (Song)The Beatles—Across the Universe: I think John drove some of us home to North Jersey after prom weekend. I asked him what his favorite Beatles song was. I wondered a long time later if his answer was still the same.
12. Napster—You can get whatever song strikes your fancy for free, instantly, thus explaining why I have “Mr. Vain,” an acapella version of the Gummi Bears theme, the Jem theme, “Mother Mother”, “3 AM Eternal”, and “Don’t Take The Girl”
13. Rufus Wainwright—Rufus Wainwright: I am a freshman in college/my friend Matt/I will always appreciate Rufus for singing about places with scrappy boys’ faces
14. Guster—Lost And Gone Forever: Erin burned me a copy/Michelle likes Two Points, I like Either Way; in fact I like every track/Summerstage
15. Weezer—Weezer: I am jumping on the beds, getting drunk, singing out the window, singing in the elevator/YES!/I am in love with Erin/I am in love with Sue/I am living with my best friends in the whole wide world/I am in love with being loved
16. Liz Phair—Exile in Guyville: Away messages/at the Alternative Theatre Festival, under the guise of tuning his guitar, Dan Fishback does a monologue involving Fiddler on the Roof. Then he sings Fuck and Run. Guitar, singing, theatre reference and this awesome song I’ve never heard before? Quadruple swoon. I read his column faithfully every Monday the following year and later become a fan of Cheese on Bread.
17. (Song)Eagles—Hotel California: Without fail it is 1:00 AM and I am driving the Dodge Spirit in circles around Hanover and Q104.3 plays this song.
18. Manu Chao—Proxima Estacion:Esperanza: Me gusta Lyon, me gustas tu
19. Joni Mitchell –Hits: Brooke
20. The Beatles—Abbey Road
21. Patty Griffin—1000 Kisses: I think I may just be in love with JPMR
22. Alicia Keys—The Diary of Alicia Keys: Yeah I probably am/And it feels like Ooooooooooooo.
23. Franz Ferdinand—Franz Ferdinand
24. Rolling Stones—Let It Bleed: why so late?
25. Sufjan Stevens—Illinois: I could listen to Casimir Pulaski Day on repeat 4 eva
26. Rilo Kiley—More Adventurous: today I’m all A Man/Me/Then Jim


Advertising Shout-Out #2

KATE in Times Square!!


Showtune Tuesday: A Chorus Line

They might take back my toaster ovens if I publicly admit that I'm not a huge fan of A Chorus Line, but there's the truth. I am familiar with it mostly from the movie. Most of the music doesn't stick with me, and I don't like that because of the audition every song feels like an answer to an interview question. This is probably my favorite scene besides the gold-suited finale:


Dreams, 3/7/09-3/8/09

John A and I slept over in Joelle M's basement. Then Bob and I were messing around on a porch. There was a racket in the night, and someone's younger lesbian sister was a victim of a hate crime. My grandmother was packing heat and wearing the sparkly shirt similar to the one she wore at my sister's wedding.

The next night, Rina gave me her smiley, questioning look at a restaurant. Becky and I rode in a limo in a snowy suburban area. I was riding shotgun. A Russian girl kicked at the back of my seat in a playful way.

Potential influencing factors: severe lack of sleep, watching hours of Queer As Folk, my grandma looking tough posing behind the bar at my dad's surprise birthday party.


Checking In

I'm M.I.A., dear reader. I've been busy thinking about The Canadian Client and have not had time to think about much else this week. I will tell you this: Madison Avenue is the best way home by cab. You can ride a straight shot of green lights all the way home like body-surfing on a good wave. Plus, it's pretty: glittering storefronts and interesting architecture. Park Avenue is madness. The traffic lights prevent advancing more than ten blocks at a time. Silly.

You should also know I'm currently into Pandora, just a tad later than the rest of the world. Thanks to her, I am loving this duet, which makes me want to eat brunch, wear a white suit, and slowdance with you.


Showtune Tuesday: Defying Inequality

Last week I went to "Defying Inequality," an event to raise money for five groups that advocate for gay marriage etc.: Empire State Pride Agenda, Family Equality Council, Equality California, Garden State Equality, and The Vermont Freedom to Marry Task Force.

Some highlights:

  • The concert kicked off with a live performance of "Prop 8: The Musical" with Allison Janney, David Hyde Pierce, and Nathan Lane.
  • Harvey Fierstein read a letter he had written to President Obama. Keith Olbermann was there, and read part of his comment on the passage of Proposition 8.
  • Seth Rudetsky deconstructed an episode of the Brady Bunch Variety Hour.
  • Sexy boys from The Color Purple did "All The Single Ladies."