Parting Shots

Using my phone for a last look at the apartment this week:


Tired of cleaning

Bedroom wall

Chocolate bunny, tireless guardian of the apartment, 2004-2009


Other Stuff

Florida was good.

I landed a spot on Team Fox, which means the NYC Marathon got a whole lot more realistic. Whoa.

Recent dreams:

  1. Erin and I were riding on a snowmobile. No, not a snowmobile, but a vehicle that I think exists which if I were pressed to name I'd call a "ski tricycle." (I guess people call them snowbikes or ski bikes and they can even get "extreme.") We were sharing one and having trouble getting the hang of it. A chairlift operator was yelling at us to get clear of the unloading ramp. We were going to start downhill to meet Taylor. At the bottom of the hill, Glowasky sat in the snow.

  2. Katie and I were eating raw(?) eggs for lunch on the grass next to a parking lot. We were talking about Mary. She had been to India twice and was thinking of moving there to build houses for poor people. Katie was upset about it. She broke one of the eggs, and we were trying to figure out where to discard the shell, yolk.

I will remember: the sincere message in CEP's ladybug card; opening Hari's iPhone to leave a hello note only to find a list of concerns he carries with him.

When I left the office today, I overheard a guy I don't know very well make a joke about the revolving doors ("They made it official"), and in a flash: I smiled/wished I knew him better/"...it's like the sun shines on you, and it's glorious. And then he forgets you and it's very, very cold"/got the feeling he was an important person, like his soul has been around a while and this was the latest incarnation/in comparison I felt small and meaningless.


Heaven is a place on Earth, and it is Musical Mondays at Splash:

Each Monday night, a packed house roars for everything from classic gems (Barbra’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade,” Carol Channing’s “Hello, Dolly!” and Angela Lansbury’s “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”) to new favorites (Sutton Foster in The Drowsy Chaperone, Christine Ebersole in Grey Gardens and the Tony Awards Jersey Boys medley) to show-stopping diva brilliance (Patti Lupone’s “A New Argentina,” Idina Menzel’s “Defying Gravity,” and Jennifer Holliday’s “And I’m Telling You”).

Screens everywhere show the clips and the crowd sings along. Brief-clad bartenders. Need I say more. At midnight there are some live performances, and the guy yesterday not only sang a number from Rent, he followed it up with Whitney Houston's "It's Not Right But It's Okay". If you are a fan of Showtune Tuesday, you must schedule a visit.

Showtune Tuesday: 42nd Street

When my mother is happy, for reasons financial or otherwise, she sings this song.


Showtune Tuesday: The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden features two staples of musical theatre: a love triangle...and ghosts! Throw in a production number, a dream sequence, and a queer prop dance and you have entertainment gold!


Notes on Easter

Brunch =

Century 21 was closed. I went to Trinity Church instead. The sermon was about how Jesus's is the greatest comeback of all time. I never thought about: "What is quite startling is that he would choose to come back to the world that killed him." American values are coming back: "We are no longer sidetracked by an argument over whether or not we should torture someone..." And the pistachio will come back. I was glad for the turn of events. They sang the Hallelujah Chorus!

I drank a lot of coffee. I ate a lot of cookies. I packed for Florida. I hardly packed for New Jersey.

I watched:

The Sound of Music, the family phone, a nice umbrella, and work.

I was washing my face before bed when lines that Mr. Lamb made us memorize were suddenly there: "Loveliest of trees, the cherry now..."

I'm going on vacation for a week, reader.


Impulse Purchase

April is National Poetry Month. And one of my favorite days is Poem in Your Pocket Day which NYC has been celebrating since 2002. Last year it seems it also went national. I have been getting in on the action since 2005. I am in love with the concept. Wandering in the bookstore today, I just could NOT resist this:

You can tear out the pages and put them in your pocket, or someone else's! The crazy Academy of American Poets even made this video to demonstrate the wonderful possibilities:

It makes me really happy. (Confidential to Hannah: fine, if the FBI ever comes knocking about security clearance, you can tell them I like poetry.) Be prepared: I will stuff your pockets on April 30.

In other makes-me-happy news, we finally ate at Heidelberg.


Fight the H8

National Organization for Marriage's Gathering Storm bullshit ad. I am linking, now someone more creative than I please lampoon the shit out of this. (Rainbow coalition, seriously?) Although links to the ad's audition tapes posted at HRC might be enough to show how ridiculous it is.

Update: That's what I'm talking about! "Gathering Storm"/"It's Raining Men" Mashup!



All those hours that added up to the beginning of the year went by quickly. Here are the things flying around my brain:

  • A beautiful and blossomy weekend in D.C. could be the subject of its own post entirely.

  • Yvonne made me smile at J.G. Melon.

  • I keep seeing bits and pieces of 2 Days in Paris on HBO. I'm not sure if I like this movie (which I watched sometime last year), but I keep being sucked in. There is one scene where Julie Delpy and her mom are arguing about the cat, and when I caught it on TV I thought it was absolutely perfect. Alas, no one on YouTube already thinks so, or else I'd post it.

  • I am a fan of the "Go Humans Go" campaign. The Quaker Man is sending me all this benevolent, if slightly creepy, encouragement. From everywhere.

  • Amazon recommended The Berlin Stories after I bought a guide book of the city last year. I decided to buy it when I found out that "Goodbye to Berlin", one of two novels that makes up the book, was the source material for Cabaret. It turns out that I really enjoyed the writing, too! (It took me forever to read because the book is really two novels published in one edition.) Look:
    Berlin is a city with two centres--the cluster of expensive hotels, bars,cinemas, shops round the Memorial Church, a sparkling nucleus of light, like a sham diamond, in the shabby twilight of the town; and the self-conscious civic center of buildings round the Unter den Linden, carefully arranged. In grand international styles, copies of copies, they assert our dignity as a capital city--a parliament, a couple of museums, a State bank, a cathedral, an opera, a dozen embassies, a triumphal arch; nothing has been forgotten...
    But the real heart of Berlin is a small damp black wood--the Tiergarten...

  • Speaking of Cabaret, Amy Poehler tells The Advocate an anecdote about seeing Liza Minnelli's show in New York: "I told my friend, who was pregnant at the time, that Liza had to bless her baby so that it would either be gay or be a big supporter of the gays. So Liza laid her hands on my friend's stomach and sang the first couple of lines from "Cabaret": "What good is sitting alone in your womb? Come hear the music play!" WOMB!

  • I am reading The Shining now because a)I needed a change of pace after Isherwood, b)I knew I was going on vacation and wanted a good beach book (but it's so good I might finish before then),and c)everyone one said it's scary so I wanted to read it before moving to Colorado and while in public (yay subway!).

  • I have the idea to write a post about my romantic notions/prejudices regarding some of our great states.


Shirley in NY Times Real Estate section.



I've been neglecting the blog lately but wanted to share some good news:

Iowa Supreme Court Clears the Way for Gay Marriage

I am going to D.C. today. Perchance I will blog on the Bolt Bus, otherwise I will try to update Sunday. Happy April!