Showtune Tuesday: The Lion King

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Dear Nana

Dear Nana,

How the hell do you fold a fitted sheet?

In serious need of some old school skills, your grandson,


Feelings I Don't Like

1. Looking stupid at the hands of others

I never like feeling or looking stupid, but it really pisses me off when I look stupid and don't think it's my fault! No offense, but mostly this happens at work with IT. They don't have to talk to the new client who now thinks I'm an idiot because it takes three days to transfer a file. What was that about our superior data management capability?

2. Powerlessness

I don't like to see you in pain. I especially don't like to see you in pain when I can't do anything about it.


Running Commentary #3

Yesterday, for the first time in training for this race, I ran indoors. It sucked. On the plus side, I'm sure I ran faster than I do when off the treadmill. But it was hard to concentrate. Outside I haven't been running with music, but I did at the gym. I was distracted by keeping an eye on how far I was getting from the iPod (I left it on the "dashboard"), whether there was enough slack in my headphone cord to move farther away, my arms didn't feel right...blech.

When I told JP I don't listen to music, he asked what I think about when I run for long distances. I don't know, really. That's one of the reasons I thought it would be fun to write about running, not so much to document how I felt but to try to pinpoint where my head went to during that hour or two. This has proven difficult.

This is what Haruki Murakami had to say in What I Talk About When I Talk About Running:

What exactly do I think about when I’m running? I don’t have a clue.

On cold days I guess I think a little about how cold it is. And about the heat on hot days. When I’m sad I think a little about sadness. When I’m happy I think a little about happiness. As I mentioned before, random memories come to me too. And occasionally, hardly ever, really, I get an idea to use in a novel. But really as I run, I don’t think much of anything worth mentioning.

I just run. I run in a void. Or maybe I should put it the other way: I run in order to acquire a void. But as you might expect, an occasional thought will slip into this void. People’s minds can’t be a complete blank. Human beings’ emotions are not strong or consistent enough to sustain a vacuum. What I mean is, the kinds of thoughts and ideas that invade my emotions as I run remain subordinate to that void. Lacking content, they are just random thoughts that gather around that central void.

Nothing much worth mentioning, nothing much I even remember, but I meant to tell you about how I ATE IT on Monday's run and learned my lesson that running after dark in a poorly lit, unfamiliar city is stupid. That night I was zigzagging around the city and thought: if there were a catastrophic attack (I was thinking nuclear), Denver probably wouldn't be a bad place to be. Over the week I've been thinking maybe not.


Showtune Tuesday: Swing Time

Note to self: add this one to the Netflix queue.


The Subtext, Mike

The subtext to this conversation we are having on Facebook is "And I miss you. I miss you every single day."

(It is fall. I am in the mood to listen to sad, mellow songs. I need to keep better track of things I've linked to before. I can't remember.)


Rocky Mountain Hi

I got into the elevator at work. A man stepped in and moved to press the button for his floor but found I already had hit it. We were the only two in the elevator. After twenty seconds of silence, he turned to face me and said, "I'm sorry, I haven't met you. My name is [Friendly Guy]."

"I'm Brian. Nice to meet you."

It's topsy-turvy world here! It's more awkward not to greet someone than it is to say hello.



"Do you think if we went on eHarmony we would be matched up?"
"I don't know..."
"Maybe they know something we don't know!"
"Maybe we know something eHarmony doesn't know."
"Like your big penis."

The Funniest Minute in Television

So sad I'm missing the live performance of "The Nightman Cometh" tonight. That should be in Showtune Tuesday one day.

Kaitlin Olson is awesome.


Showtune Tuesday: Spamalot

I'll sing it in your face.


Dear Bitchlog: Pronouns in Songs

Dear Bitchlog,

It's irritating when people cover a popular song but insist on changing the pronouns because they feel icky singing about a boy or a girl or something.

Daughtry, you are singing a Lady Gaga song. Chill out. Did you really need to change "he" to "she"?

The Denver Gay Men's Chorus is a group I'm thinking of auditioning for. Dudes, we are pretty sure you're gay. What exactly is the point in changing the lyrics to "Yesterday"?


Running Commentary #2

A friend from work told me about her running group, Runner's Edge of the Rockies, so I decided to go out for a complimentary run with the group last Saturday. A-MAZ-ING! They put up water and Gatorade every 2 miles, they chalk out the route for you, and they have pace setters! It was similar to the long training run in Central Park, except that they do this every week. Everyone I talked to was friendly, so the initial awkwardness of running with people I had never met before wore away quickly. One woman told me about how she ran her 6th marathon on her 50th birthday! She also talked of a coyote crossing her path on a run a few weeks ago. Say what? We ran through Stapleton, a town of new homes that I simultaneously thought were beautiful and a little Truman Show. The whole town is in fact new, because the land it sits on used to be the airport. I ran 12 miles.

Today, back in sweet home Alabama, I decided to do a 5-mile run that would take me up to Vulcan. I've (rather unsuccessfully) been looking for hills to practice all over Denver, but today I met my match. Vulcan stands on a hill. And from my hotel it was one big climb up to the statue. I had to stop a few times.

If you're reading this, you probably already know about my fundraising efforts, but just in case not, you can visit my donation page to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research here.

Showtune Tuesday: The Music Man

For those devoted fans out there, happy anniversary to Showtune Tuesday! That's a technicality. If you count the Annie post, then this is issue 53.



My favorite find this week is the comic strip on Shakesville called "Conniving and Sinister." Currently digging strip ten, strip seven, and the t-shirts in strip twelve.


Showtune Tuesday: Bye Bye Birdie

For the fellow fans of Mad Men. Worlds collide!