Thinking About

That Blackberry commercial telling people to do what they love and love what they do, and is there anything that makes you hate your life more than a Blackberry? Is this an exercise in reverse psychology?

Wishing JP was here.

The Time Traveler's Wife. AND the latest future failed idea: The Time Traveler's Friend, where Elena circa 2009 resides on the UES and works near Shirley, and visits Brian circa 2004 in the same locales.

What is the point of Starbucks Via? I actually liked the commercial with the Town Hall protester, but I'm trying to think of the "use case." It has to be a very specific type of coffee drinker, right? Someone who has access to hot water quickly who is snobby about coffee. If they had to heat up their own hot water, why wouldn't they make regular coffee? But the only time I have access to hot water quickly is at work, where I have free instant coffee already. So why would I pay for a Via? If I was going to pay a ridiculous markup for coffee (which I have been known to do), why wouldn't I buy a regular Starbucks coffee? My head hurts.


A sex dream about Sean Hayes. Really, brain? Really?!

The hate crimes bill passed, but marriage up in the air in Maine.


Delinquently responding to e-mails, forgetting to send cards.


Showtune Tuesday: Evita

I was skimming the Madonna Rolling Stone interview in the airport and read that working on Evita was the biggest challenge of her career. I like the musical and, by extension, the movie, but I hate how they took this song away from the original character and gave it to Evita. Thus, I've waited for the recording to become available on the ol' Youtube.

(Alas, old links are broken.)


Dinner in San Francisco

I wrote Brooke afterward, "I still can't quite come to grips with us being all spread out, but it's magic when we get to meet up." She said she used the same word, too.

In other news, I've watched more Yankees games since leaving New York than I ever did living there. I think it's my way to try and keep connected with the fam and with the city. I'm excited to see them this weekend.


"What Do You Think I Fought For"

I saw this on Elaine's facebook today and felt like sharing.


Showtune Tuesday: Martin Guerre

This week's episode of Showtune Tuesday is dedicated to Samantha. Then we were young and unafraid, and Bonnie and Doug chaperoned a trip to Europe, and Becky brought Samantha. In London we saw Martin Guerre. In Paris, Becky and Sam's hotel room had a small balcony. Sam stepped onto it, raised her arms in the air, and her voice rang out over the Parisian traffic: "Don't cry for me, Argentina..." (Last year in Berlin, in a similar move, Sue pulled "some Evita action" to direct Paula from the courtyard to her apartment. Gosh, I love an unexpected Evita reference.)


Good Weekend + Question

Friday: DGMC concert.

Saturday: 14 mile run. TAPER!

Sunday: Breakfast burritos + donuts (excellent marathon nutrition, right?), a date with the bf to see Whip It, which I think I could watch over and over and still enjoy, and: "This concert is all about bells, snow, fairies, and minor 2nds."

Last weekend on the run, someone posed the question: if you were a major league baseball player what would your at bat song be? It's always funny to be at a Yankees or Mets game against a team like the Braves (or the Rockies). The Braves players all have Southern or Classic Rock songs, and the New York teams have Reggaeton. My at bat song of the week would be "Helter Skelter."


Nine Twenty Three

"If I cried would you cry?"
"I'd probably smile."
"You're weird."
"It's just that with the negative, you don't show so much."
"Like when you're mad."
"Are you sure? Because I always think I'm angry. I think anger is my default emotion."
"Yeah. I think you're angry a lot. But you only show a fraction of it. It's like you know it's underneath."

[Then I think of a a treasure chest in a well because of Stephen King's The Eyes of the Dragon, a book I read so long ago that I don't remember anything from it except that image (and the importance of a napkin at dinner):]

People's minds, particularly the minds of children, are like wells--deep wells full of sweet water. And sometimes, when a particular thought is too unpleasant to bear, the person who has that thought will lock it into a heavy box and throw it into that well. He listens for the splash...and then the box is gone. Except it is not, of course. . . .The caskets those evil, frightening ideas are buried in may rot, and the nastiness inside may leak out after awhile and poison the water...and when the well of the mind is badly poisoned, we call the result insanity.


Showtune Tuesday: Sweet Charity

Here's a song I know from a show I haven't seen, except when iNtuitons combined Sweet Charity and Nights of Cabiria.


Running Commentary #4

On Friday I had to buy clothes to wear to prepare for the 20 mile run the next morning. When I woke up and scraped the ice and snow off Janine, her thermometer said it was 19 degrees out. It was snowing lightly. I fishtailed into the parking lot where we started and was freaked to run in such slippery conditions. The great thing was that six other people in my pace group were running 20 miles, so we had some fun and got a good amount of crazy looks from the few people that were out. Four of the women I ran with are doing NYC, so we are going to try to meet at least for the start of the race.

I'm done with the long runs now. During the marathon I can tell myself it's not as cold as the 20 miler. (By the time we finished the run, it was 29 degrees.)

P.S. One of the other runners came up and told me I run "gracefully." It is the first time in 28 years someone has described me as graceful. She said I run tall, like a gazelle. I guffawed. Like a GIANT, slow gazelle.

Dream, Around 10/7/09

It is night, and my friends and I are playing some kind of game like a scavenger hunt. It looks like we are in the commons of West Beverly High (from 90210). Bob asks, "Bri, can we go bowling?" So we leave. Mike and I get a ride with Beth A, and we both sit in the back seat. She asks us about what churches we belong to. The three of us go to a reception at the OLM chapel, but it isn't really the OLM chapel because it is closer to Route 10 and the Whippany River is flowing right behind it. The reception is in the parking lot. The party tent and the tablecloths are yellow.



I finally got around to completing one of my resolutions from 2007. I joined the Denver Gay Men's Chorus. I love it. That is all.

Our first concert is October 16th! It's free, so if you live in Denver, come on down.

Showtune Tuesday: Glee

I love this show! Although this number is not from a musical (and most of their songs are not), it is darn catchy and one of my faves so far.

(Alas, old links are broken.)


Six Hands

I'm trying out a new shower gel, Kiss My Face Anti-Stress Woodland Pine and Ginseng flavor. On the one hand, I love it because it smells like a campfire. On the other hand, smoky campfire smell doesn't make me feel so clean.

Denver's high temperature yesterday was 78 degrees with a low of 50. Today's high was 53 degrees with a low of 38. On the one hand, I hate the bipolarity. On the other hand, outfits!!!

I am almost finished with writing a recommendation letter for a co-worker's business school application. On the one hand, I despise this assignment, I think mostly because it requires areas of my brain to function that I normally never use (when do need to write anything except bullet points at work?). On the other hand, it is nice to think about someone else in a benevolent and non-obsessive way, and to use areas of my brain that I don't normally use.