Ten for '10

The competition for 2010: be the first to complete all 10 things on this list, or complete the most by the end of the year. There are 8 participants competing who created and voted on this list. I expect you readers to root for TEAM BRIAN! (Well actually, 50% of you are probably other contestants.) I will keep you updated on my progress. Play along at home and send me updates.

I haven't thought too much about resolutions on top of this challenge, but I think I'll be busy enough.

  1. Crash a wedding.  Parameters: You cannot know the people getting married, you must stay at least one hour.

  2. Create a self time capsule including whatever it is you u want (no bigger than a shoebox). Give it to a fellow person on the email list, and it cannot be returned to you for 20 years.

  3. Do something you've been avoiding for at least one year that takes less than a day to do (i.e. going to the doctor, confessing your love to someone).

  4. Improve current employment situation (new job, raise, promotion, or extra benefits).

  5. Learn to cook an Indian meal. Parameters: A meal – must include at least one main dish and one side dish, dessert optional, like on Top Chef. You must actually cook the meal, no heating something frozen or pre-prepared up. You must serve it to at least one other person and send the group a picture and the recipe.

  6. Lose 10 pounds.  Extra credit: Take a “Jared” style photo – let’s see you holding out your pants!

  7. Organize a scavenger hunt in your city.  Must include at least 10 stops and at least 10 people must participate.

  8. Shoot as many different types of guns as possible at a shooting range only-we are not Sarah Palin.  If the range will let you take a picture, we want to see it.

  9. Take a "lesson" (for example, I want to take a skiing lesson, but it could be guitar, basketweaving, oral sex, etc.)

  10. Visit another participant in another state.

Have a happy new year!

Women in Love

Women in Love: a page-turner it was not, but it was one of those books that I didn't mind spending a lot of time reading, as if when I settled down to read I'd think, "Let's see what those crazy kids are up to now!"

You know in Annie Hall when Alvy says: "Love is too weak a word for what I feel - I lurve you, you know, I loave you, I luff you, two F's, yes I have to invent, of course I - I do, don't you think I do?" Compare:

"The point about love," he said, his consciousness quickly adjusting itself, "is that we hate the word because we have vulgarised it. It ought to be prescribed, tabooed from utterance, for many years, till we get a new, better idea."

Remember that time you were walking with your boyfriend but all you could think of was killing him? "To himself he was saying, 'I ought to kill her here. There is only this left, for me to kill her.' A heavy, overcharged desire to bring about her death possessed him. She was unaware."

Remember New Jersey and how we were always driving around?

"And where are we going?"
It was the answer she liked.


Showtune Tuesday: Rent

It was bound to happen.


Dream, 12/27/09

In between the chills and willing myself not to puke, I had a terrible dream that started out with college friends all talking about how they had recently been detained by police. The next day, I was heading to my car (the Spirit!) after work, and there were policemen in tanks firing machine guns at gangster/fratboy hybrids. A cop with a gun flagged me down and started asking me all sorts of weird questions, e.g. did I ever drink in the car? He creeped me out, and in the dream I ended every response with "sir." His name was Ryan. He was driving me--in my car--along a highway in a surreal version of New York to JFK airport.

Once we were moving, things were less tense. We stopped at a cafe that Molly owned. The man named Ryan sat down at a table. Molly was up by the kitchen, wearing a toggle coat and green glasses. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. It was blonde, not like real life. She said, "I haven't seen you in a while." I apologized and said,"Molly, this is Ryan. He is a police officer..." When I started introducing him, he motioned with his hands as if to tell me to keep quiet about him. And in an instant, I knew he was not what he had claimed to be, and I had been telling some stranger a lot of personal information about me. I stared at him and yelled, "You're a fraud!" He jumped up and made for the exit. I shouted for the others in the cafe to stop him, but he was too quick. Sirens were blaring outside. I ran into the street and screamed to some firemen to stop him, but I watched him talk his way out of being captured. He was running away. I was had.


More Holiday Music

From the Denver Gay Men's Chorus holiday concert, "Let it Ring! Let it Swing! Let it Snow!", featuring the Rocky Mountain Ringers:

Showtune Tuesday: Holiday Inn

Happy Holidays to you all!



I took advantage of my season pass for the first time and went skiing yesterday. Fantastico.

I returned to running for the first time in about 5 weeks. That sucked.


Showtune Tuesday: My Fair Lady

Derek watched this for the first time sometime last week. He was impressed that I knew the lyrics to "Get Me to the Church on Time." Pshaw!


Dear Michael (Not Cav This Time)

Dear Michael,

I was at the bookstore a few weeks ago when I saw a greeting card that quoted Emily Dickinson and summed up what I have long thought: "I felt it shelter to speak to you." I have mulled over this topic a bit, about how from when I visited your room back in the day (you can never go back), I never felt like I had to be anybody except me. Thank you for that.

I should have bought it, but maybe I was afraid you would think I was joking. I could have written "Happy Birthday" in it!

Bien à toi,



It Is Cold

Janine says it's three degrees.

Showtune Tuesday: Guys and Dolls

Alas, old links are broken.


Dreams, 12/6/09

OK, this was definitely influenced by the Celine Dion Workout Video that I watched last night (thanks to Adam for tipping me off):

I was attending a wellness retreat or diet boot camp run by Celine Dion. I was late to our meeting or whatever it was in the cafeteria. The menu was ham, but because I was late, Celine punished me by giving me a miniature slice. Mike R was a waiter serving dessert. A waitress, a Japanese woman in kimono and obi, was giggling because of the tiny ham. That prompted me to start laughing and tell Celine, "I'm sorry, but I can't do this."

Later I dreamed I was walking down Karla Drive with Dave M. He was telling me about a girl he liked once and how he had given her a sticker of a golden coin from Mario Kart.


Last Week

It was upsetting to listen to the speeches in the NY Senate debate on marriage (you can find them at http://www.youtube.com/nysenate) and then see the law voted down. During the debate, I think only one senator (Diaz Sr.) who voted against the law spoke. I think if you're voting on something that is profoundly affecting people's lives, maybe you should have to explain yourself.

I've been worried about New Jersey, where gay marriage may come up for a vote next week. In the long run, I think these arguments will look ridiculous. I keep reading about how young people are supportive of marriage equality. I just wish we were all there NOW.

And I'm happy I live in a country where I can even be bitching about this, as opposed to, say, Uganda where a bill to make homosexuality (or anyone who aids and abets it) punishable by death is currently under consideration. On the other hand, it's been a hard week to be happy when our anti-war president is sending more soldiers to Afghanistan. (Unless of course they are openly gay. But our fierce advocate president is surely working on that.)

The DGMC sang at Whole Foods this week. In a grocery store singing holiday songs, I was crying a little because I was happy to be there. ("Christmas makes you feel emotional...") We finished the concert with "Bambelela", which they often translate into English as "Never give up." It was the day after the vote in New York. It felt good.

Also heard this week: can medical marijuana advertising save media? I only felt like telling you about this because back home people were asking about what Denver is like, and one striking difference with NJ/NY is the presence of marijuana dispensaries and their advertising.

The mountains are snow-covered and look beautiful. It has been shockingly cold this past week, but the mountains are a good visual reminder to keep things in perspective. They've seen it all.

Just Because


The Physics Lesson

I'm sure some of the other laws of the universe we discussed have held true, but I have forgotten them. The most important lesson I learned in Physics class came when Mr. A. told us, "There will always be someone smarter than you, there will always be someone better than you..."

Sen. Diane Savino FTW

Lots of eloquent speeches today, but I just liked how down-to-earth she was and the story with the pedi-cab. It must be the Staten Island in her. "We in government don't determine the quality or the validity of people's relationships. If we did, we would not issue three quarters of the marriage licenses we do."


Showtune Tuesday: Patience

I hear the soft note of the echoing voice
Of an old, old love, long dead –
It whispers my sorrowing heart “rejoice” –
For the last sad tear is shed –
The pain that is all but a pleasure will change
For the pleasure that’s all but pain,
And never, oh never, this heart will range
From that old, old love again!

(P.S. I love how the staging of this production is exactly like the one Penn Singers performed back in 2000, right down to the threesome stage right because men and women are not evenly matched.)