The Family Tree: A Handful of Other Things

General disposition: father.

Volume of my voice: with most people, Dad's. With friends, Mom's. With family, Dad's because no one could ever be as loud as my mom when she is around. To the uninitiated, having Bonnie and her two sisters talking in one room is...loud.

How I act when angry: I think my natural state is closer to my father's, but my anger, I suspect, is more like my mother's--a manic explosion and then off to brunch! My father broods. I don't know. Maybe I use both depending on the occasion.

Tendency to laugh at myself: mother. I did a simple thought experiment. If my mom tripped and fell in a public setting, she would probably laugh (as long as she wasn't injured.) My dad's primary reaction would be embarrassment. My dad is the one that would yell at you for spilling a drink at dinner.

Tendency to save crap in shoe boxes: I think this is an M thing, but it's hard to tell because both grandmothers saved a lot of junk.

Tendency to cry during movies, weddings, or family celebrations: DAD.

Use of curse words: MOM. I think I've heard my dad say "fuck" once in my life.

Blogging at midnight: It's a new world, Golde. A new world.

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