It is that joyous time of year when my father brings home the MCHS yearbook. It is more fascinating than it should be to look at the yearbook of a school you did not go to. One reason is I know the teachers better than I know the kids, so it is always fun to look at their pictures. I also enjoy browsing through the seniors to look at how the experience on their island is so close and so far from mine in NJ: the hair styles, the quotations...

For example, in 1999, the year of my high school graduation, 8 people from Staten Island quoted Billy Joel; 3 people from WP quoted Phish. 3 people from Staten Island quoted Aerosmith and 1 person quoted Casino.One person in each class quoted Pink Floyd. Interestingly, 1 SI person quoted Alice Roosevelt Longworth.

I know I'm not selling you on this, so I'll go now.


Erin said...

well, i quoted dave matthews band in our yearbook. and not a day goes by that i don't regret it. and also my fat face and thin bangs. but lets not get into that.

Hannah said...

How I've never seen your yearbook is beyond me.