All The Lovely People

I lived for a week at the Pun Shop. It was a good feeling, spending the nights and mornings with friends. It’s the season when we normally head to Shirley, so it felt right to be together. We watched Shark Week; I finally saw Ocean of Fear in its entirety. Dre and I took the subway to work. We did Facebook friend list maintenance. Sam and I talked about moving in with our SOs. Erin and I talked about talking about feelings and how do they really want you to do that with everybody, all the time? I told Bob about advertising. I lost the phone charger I bought the weekend before. I laughed my head off. I asked Erin what was the worst kind of cake (Patty told me on the way to New York. Correct answer: urinal.), and she said, “Shitcakes?” Mike told me to suck it when he gave me the date of his wedding. Samantha violently shot down a Pocahontas duet. Bob brought Brownie Batter ice cream and said, “Brian, it’s your favorite.” I heard a telling of the Montclair Jumper Debacle. JP stayed over the first night, and I loved having all the lovely people in one place.

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