In Case You Missed It

The New York Times catches up with Bailamos' recent "reporting" by featuring Blue Sky Bakery.

The OKTrends blog continues to fascinate with their latest analysis of "the real stuff white people like," i.e. the interests that are statistically distinct among racial groups based on words and phrases of OKCupid users and their self-stated race. I've seen links to this post in a number of places, but I'm actually more interested in the follow-up to the bisexual thing in "the big lies people tell in online dating."

An NPR story on genetically modified salmon for human consumption creeped me out.

Speaking of statistics and creeping me out...

And if we're talking about politics, then here is one thing that boggles the mind, as expressed by Dan Savage:
So here's where we're at: everyone who cares about gay issues is mad at the Democrats. The homophobes are angry because the Democrats suggested that they might do something about gay rights; gays and lesbians are furious with the Democrats for failing to do something—failing to do anything—about gay rights. Since doing nothing pisses off the gay haters just as much as doing something, perhaps the Dems should've have done something and won the enthusiastic support of someone.

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