Ferrero Rocher

I enjoyed this conversation because I actually made my boyfriend laugh a few times.

“I was late to the mindfulness thing, but Gretchen said when I came in, all she could think of was Ferrero Rocher. We couldn’t remember why it was so funny that time at the potluck.”
“Was I there for this conversation?”
“I don’t know. We were all pretty drunk. We were talking about the big pyramid they sell at Christmastime.”
“Are you sure it’s not a Christmas tree?”
“NO, it’s a pyramid!”
“Those are like the ultimate impulse purchase.”
“Where do you even buy them?”
“Drug stores. Wherever See’s Candies and other fine products are sold. Do they have See’s here?”
“See’s makes taffy.”
“They make—“
“See’s like S-E-E-s?”
“They make those boxes—“
“Yes! They make them.”
“That’s not what I was going to say.”
“What were you thinking of?”
“They make white boxes of all kinds of chocolate and you have to bite into it to know what it is.”
“Like a Whitman’s sampler?”
“Yes, like—“
“Like Russell Stover?”
“Russell Stover! Yes, like all these things.”
“Ferrero Rocher is fancier, though.”
“With their gold foil.”
“And their paper panty.”
“What? Where is that?”
“You know, on the bottom. The brown paper panty.”
“Like on a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup?”
“Yes, exactly!”
“Is that the technical term?”
“No, I read a book where the author was talking about Milanos in their ‘white paper panty,’ and I thought that was the grossest combination of words ever! I sent an e-mail to Andrea.”
“You don’t see those much these days.”
“What don’t you see?”
“The paper panties.”
“Sure, all the Pepperidge Farms cookies have them. And the Royal Danish butter cookies.”
“Mmmm. I want one of those pretzel-shaped ones with the sugar crystals.”
“I loved those, and the circular ones with the ridge. It’s like a ring.”
“Yeah, the one that looks like a macaroon…in donut form.”
“Yeah. You only ate those cookies when there was no other food in the house.”
“Yes. But they were so good when you were hungry. Like a Petit Buerre.”
“What are those, a digestive? Like a Social Tea?”
“I don’t know what those are.”
“Like a rectangular butter cookie with scalloped edges?”
“Yes. There are the plain ones, and some even have a square of chocolate in the middle.”
“Yeah! Those are Petit Ecolier. The little schoolboy. By LU.”
“The plain ones were always so dry. But I would hold them in my mouth until they got mushy.”
“That’s gross, bebe.”
“I love you.”

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