This was supposed to come after the “Describe Yourself” post. There is a story here, but I didn’t see the humor in it until a friend pointed it out. An elephant walks into a bar. He goes home with a guy. The guy learns sex without love isn’t all that great, the elephant decides he’s straight. Lolz!

(I would lift a line from another story.  Walking with Kennedy in the Metropolitan Museum’s Hall of Arms and Armor, talking about summers in Colorado: “That’s when I found out I wasn’t gay.”)

Truthfully, I’d end up wanting to tell it as a romance (another defining quality). Never forgets elephants.  The elephant didn’t just walk into a bar. The elephant took me to the Mapparium and J.P. Licks years before on a pleasant not-a-date.  On the way uptown to my apartment we held hands in the taxi. And later the elephant made a joke and, well, whatever happened he seemed very sweet.

The elephant lives in the Midwest. He is married to a woman. Now the elephant is going to be a father.

Other angles to investigate: anger-sadness that the arcs of our lives didn’t curve together for a little longer? He should have called three weeks later, when I was home, mingling with a herd of others that the same sentiment applies to.  Anger that he could move on? Anger-anger that I’m self-centered enough to think that.

Sad-angry that he might be making a mistake.  Angry that my view of the world isn’t universal.  Sad that we’re too distant now to ask anything.

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