Sao Paulo Snapshot

I arrived 11:00 AM on Tuesday and left 11:00 PM on Wednesday, but there was still enough time to note:
  • Wonderful Christmas decorations on Ave. Paulista, a bank wrapped like a present, a bridge stuffed with oversized toys.
  • The $140 cab ride that resulted when the driver stayed parked outside my meeting for 3 hours.
  • The meeting itself: confrontational but successful.
  • All right, Henrique, with your Darren Criss eyebrows, and your hairy arms, and your ill-fitting uniform, and "Your room is on the twenty-twoth floor": that's enough.
  • The mall didn't have a Santa.  It had a nativity scene.
  • Gay couple holding hands. Teenage lesbians, one had braces, kissing in McDonald's.
  • Traffic at all hours.
  • Things you should check before planning to wear a new shirt, just ripped from the plastic, to a meeting: does your room have an iron?
  • The cab driver who played Enya: stroke of brilliance.  It makes the ride so peaceful!
  • Feijoada for lunch. At the restaurant, they served different types of meet in different pots.  I watched to see if any of the locals picked from the Ear/Tongue pot or the Feet/Tail pot, and none of them did.  At the table they told me they had never seen anyone eat it, but that using those parts gives the dish better flavor.  F. said when she cooks it herself, she uses them but removes them before serving.  And you put oranges in to absorb the salt and the "grass", meaning grease.
  • Chatting about the latest presidential election there, and what the kids wanted for Christmas.
  • Brazilian surprise that English doesn't have a single word for the symbol $. In Portuguese, it's cifrão.
  • The handshake always involves a clasp on the shoulder or the back or some other touch.

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mike said...

Feijoada + orange is splendiferous.