Big Gay Links

The New York Times today has "Gay Marriage Lawsuits May Force Obama's Hand." In case this topic is of interest to you, I must say that Ari Ezra Waldman on Towleroad has been doing an excellent job of making legal analysis interesting and understandable. Here is his analysis of the DOJ's defense of DOMA in appealing Gill v. OPM and Massachusetts v. HHS earlier this month. (For example, I already knew about the two types of tests mentioned in the NYT article, rational basis and strict scrutiny, from his breakdowns on Prop 8, even though I knew nothing about them before.) Here is further detail around the rational basis test.

Denver friend Mia has started a blog, http://samelovesame.blogspot.com/ where people can write in with their big gay love stories. The header explains what inspired her.

Born This Way is "a photo/essay project" where people submit photos from childhood that may reveal the first inklings of their "innate LGBT selves."

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