Funny Valentine

(I like slow dancing with my friends. In November, I slow danced in D.C., in September I slow danced in San Fran, and I try to get the bf to dance in the kitchen about once a week.) I danced with Imme.  Frank Sinatra sang "My Funny Valentine." Dad stood by the stove, and Mom sat at the table.

Frank sang, "Is your figure less than Greek?"

Dad laughed.

Frank sang, "When you open it to speak, are you smart?"

Dad told Mom, "Yes, that's true."

These two fought all week in the Battle of the Tights and the Battle of the Swarovski Ornaments and the Battle of the Italian Cheesecake and the two-day Siege of the Stuffed Mushrooms. But they also laughed about the Fur Vest, Turkey Neck, the Naked Wii Tennis story, and Christmas parties past.

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