Catch Phrase

Overheard during a game of Catch Phrase with the DGMC:

Hint: "Oh! Gays love this...it's on the ceiling...all in a line..."

Answer, shouted by a bunch of people: "TRACK LIGHTING!!!!"

I didn't know.


mike said...

i hate track lighting

mike said...

... though, it should be noted that, way back when, when I was playing along with P- listening to Howard Stern's Gay Family Feud, for the category: "Gay Icons" I shouted: "Alan Turing!" and P- said... "I think they're looking for someone like Madonna or Cher."

I think "Cher" was number one.

Brian said...

I confess I didn't know anything about Alan Turing, so I read the Wikipedia page. Very informative, but the best line was, "Alan Turing was conceived in India."