Birthday Presents

The grad school kids gave me a tambourine for my birthday! (I said, "We need a tambourine in this house.")

They had to get JP's approval first.

Erica called a music store and asked, "Do you have tambourines?"

"Yes, let me transfer you to our Tambourine Department."

"No, no! That's fine, I'll come in."

Note to self: always get transferred to the Tambourine Department.


Allison made me laugh with her teaching stories, and the attempts to suppress bewilderment/disapproval/etc. in her face when students respond to questions.


Skee Ball, Buck Hunter, and a gathering of friends in Denver, and the cherry on top was Andrew's comment about Winona Ryder: "If you loved her in Little Women, you'll love her in Reality Bites!"


A birthday card from JP: "I love you a little less than last year." (Inside: "Statistically, that's to be expected." Also tickets to Flaming Lips performing Dark Side of the Moon.)


Not really sleeping on a Friday in New York, but napping on the couch next to Erin.

Sharing pizza for dinner with Dre. Laughing at her story of ordering paella from the wrong Don Pepe, and the first question you ask when late to work: "Did you have problems with the D, too??" And a visit to the 'Old Man Bar' with her and Becky for happy hour.

Returning with Matt and Leslie and Raina and Jonathan to a bar we visited back during Tuesday Night Outings when I first moved to New York. Many bars I love in the city were chosen by either Matt or Raina back when I was a twenty-something!

The wider reunion with friends I met in Denver, NYC, Philadelphia, and (to be accurate) Valhalla. Cav planned his bachelor party and drew Staten Island and as a pile of poop and Queens as a cock. He explained the vague itinerary for the night but said it was not set in stone: "Women need plans; men need joie de vivre!" I drank Dark & Stormy's, and a Bee Stinger with Honey Bourbon and some other deliciousness. Samantha sat with Derek and explained her hypotheses on men's talents. Courtney said maybe I was really good at boob touching but never needed to do it. Samantha said my boob felt like the end of an Angel Food cake. Samantha and Alexa danced in the dancefloor-less room. A card, shoplifted, that asked "What Would Scooby Do?"


A multitude of messages, phone calls, and even a blog post.


Dinner with Becky, Mom, Dad, and Nana in Hoboken. Becky and I went to a bar down the block, downed a beer and watched a few minutes of Jeopardy while we waited for Mom to park. We went to a Mexican restaurant where they make Sangria from red wine that you bring. Mom brought cupcakes. I had the Strawberry Shortcake one. Becky brought macarons. I had the raspberry.


Now I head to Florida for a few days. It was a very good week.

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