The Three Fists

"But what is a Victory Fist?" you may ask. Allow me to give you a brief tutorial/history.

First of all, everything I learned I learned from Hannah and Elena, who showed me these useful expressions of body language to convey emotion.

(Secondly, I hope my gif-making experiment works.)

1. Happy Fist

The Happy Fist is your default, we hope. Although if you're like me, you might use its sibling, the Angry Fist, more frequently. The Happy Fist is, in fact, all in the face.

Common uses:
Learning your friend likes one of your favorite movies; unexpected upgrade to first class; making your niece laugh (Two-Handed Variation)

2. Angry Fist

The Angry Fist is the Happy Fist's doppelganger. Notice the only real difference in the two is the facial expression. Out in the real world, this is the key to distinguishing these.

Common uses: computer problems; those darn kids; Frajer! (Thwarted-By-An-Enemy Variation)

3. Victory Fist

The most important feature of the Victory Fist is movement along the vertical plane of the body. Some people prefer a fluid swoop, as Erica did when she suggested our catch phrase, but I prefer two distinct points of articulation, as shown below. We might consider this the Eureka Variation. It has also been questioned whether the movement must be upward. I say no: there is a practical application for a downward sweep, often close to the body, to communicate triumph over an opponent (see: baseball pitchers).

Common uses: Your state grants you and your partner the legal rights and responsibilities of marriage; finding a parking spot on 89th Street


Hannah August said...

This is the greatest blog post in the history of the internet.

Tea Knee said...

Hannah - i agree!!! I need to send this to the UK as they have no idea what I am on about with my fist!!!


Yvonne said...


elena said...

You told me I was referenced on the blog but I had no idea it was this glorious!! I am making a victory fist right now. But i have to add that often an angry fist, if it is REALLY angry, faces its inner forearm towards you.