Jane Eyre

Don't hate me, Jane, but I think my pleasure in having finally finished reading you outweighs the pleasure of actually reading you. (One definition of a classic?)

This book had me at the beginning. Ever since *SPOILER* Jane had that book thrown at her head, I was on her side. Thumbs up for the moorland. Yay for supernatural-ish occurrences and brooding men! Jane is good at arguing with boys. Those are some of the best parts. After I lost my copy I started to lose steam. I would definitely like to read Wide Sargasso Sea soon while this story is still in my head.

Here is an unimportant line that I thought was great. Jane is about to leave to visit Gateshead and tells him she will advertise to find a new position. Rochester doesn't say, "Like hell you will!" (as my mom might say); he doesn't say, "In Macy's window!" (as Mike's mom might say); he doesn't say, "Advertise your FACE!" (as JP might say). Instead he goes with, "You shall walk up the pyramids of Egypt!"

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