On Friday, the marriage equality bill passed in New York. "Elation" best describes my feelings, and thankfulness for supportive friends and family. I compulsively checked my phone for news updates while I sat drinking wine with Julie and Ryan in Philly. I didn't have to worry because Yvonne and Andrea both sent me a message when the bill passed. Erin said to "set the date" and she would be my groomsmaid. Becky sent me a note that said, "Happy happy brother bear." Facebook was filled with congratulations to New York, and I wondered what the pages of marriage equality opponents looked like--was it all sad-face emoticons and business as usual?

JP was in airports and on planes for most of the day and did not pick me up until 1:00 in the morning. He didn't know about the news until I told him. We had not seen each other in several weeks, so I asked him one of my regular serious questions. (I have to schedule talks about feelings and other serious topics, otherwise I would never discuss them.)

"I haven't seen you in forever. Tell me your hopes and dreams."
"I want to get married."
"Me too!"
"And have babies."
"Me too!"
"And have puppies."
"Me too, a little bit."
"Maybe just one puppy."

That is what is "detrimental to the common good." That is our gay agenda. I wouldn't mind carrying it out in New York.

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