To Do

Yesterday I googled "leave church" to figure out how to officially do it. Because, Archbishop Dolan, I'm tired of this. And I'm tired of this. And I am so, so angry. My thoughts and feelings are scattered, but what I know is this: no person, event, or circumstance has made me feel more worthless than the leaders of your Church. This line of yours, "detrimental to the common good," burns me up.

It is all sad and very confusing. There are so many good things I learned. When you are a kid in Sunday School, it is all about Jesus and love and being kind to people and being made in God's image and loving your neighbor. And then when you grow up you learn that God's love has important stipulations. And I'm sorry if you call it "Cafeteria Catholicism," but I sincerely believe you're wrong about that.

An atheist web site, the first link I clicked on, sent me to an Irish website, which then provided some interesting information that I followed up with on Wikipedia, "Actus formalis defectionis ab Ecclesia catholica".

The motu proprio Omnium in mentem of 26 October 2009 removed from the canons in question all reference to an act of formal defection from the Catholic Church. Accordingly, "it is no longer appropriate to enter attempts at formal defection in the sacramental records since this juridic action is now abolished. "

In late August 2010, the Holy See confirmed that it was no longer possible to defect formally from the Catholic Church.

Great. Just great.

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