Things I've been doing while not writing blogs:
  • Going to see Robyn and Katy Perry in concert!
  • Watching Wilfred.
  • Watching So You Think You Can Dance? (And rooting for Melanie...did you see the "Total Eclipse of the Heart" routine? And the routine she did with Sasha, who is also amazing?)
  • Taking advantage of Denver by visiting Black Crown Lounge (finally a piano bar! One Yelp reviewer likened it to going to your gay uncle's house who loves antiques), hitting up Tracks as always, eating at the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, and going to Red Rocks (actually this occurs tomorrow. The Flaming Lips do The Dark Side of the Moon.) I also took the bike Davis gave me to get repaired.
  • Reading The Girl Who Played with Fire. It took me about a year to come back to this series because the violence in the first book made me uneasy to read the second one. But the trailer made me interested again. Plus, Salander's photographic memory reminds me of Jennifer "Cam" Jansen. Those books are some of the first I remember enjoying reading in elementary school. (I read Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Gold Coins and Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball.)

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